5 Tips For A Low Cost Mechatronics Engineering System | Simplexity Product Development

Tightly integrating your mechatronics system
is key to achieving the optimal cost performance ratio for your product.
Here are 5 tips for a highly integrated mechatronics system.
First, understand your system requirements. You need to know exactly what it is your system
needs to do and what the motion requirements really are.
Two, understand your key constraints. You need to know what limitations are applied
to the current and voltage, speeds and torques in the system.
Things like external vibration can be very important.
Also you want to understand if youโ€™re free to allocate cost within your mechatronic system
between the electronics and mechanics, that can really open up some design options.
You need to have well-matched interfaces. Everything in the power flow from the power
supply clear to the load need to be integrated and designed to work with each other to avoid
any excess margin. The fourth thing to think about is proper
sensor selection and placement. Make sure you have enough resolution in your
encoder and put it in the system to measure what you care about.
Remember, your control system controls the encoder it doesnโ€™t really control anything
else. The fifth thing to think about is proper integration
from the start. If you want to have a well-integrated system
you need to think about that from the very beginning.
I recommend having an experienced mechatronics systems engineer in from day one of the architecture
phase. To find out more about mechatronics system
integration visit us at www.simplexitypd.com

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