4th Annual E-learning Summit

the ICT sector is going into a four hour revolution at this time on stage it's very important for us to understand how that's going to impact on our members our youth our students and how we can integrate the to the education system with IT to an extent so Vodacom our role is the partnership with Department of Education so we came here to showcase our product what we have what you can offer to to assist in terms of education we know we have challenges in our in our province especially in the rural communities where the access to technology is a challenge so the industry is in it is the specifically for that is an elite agent of the Department of TPS where we are rolling our connectivity to the rural schools through the project role sa connect which is running for ten years if we don't build a lot of local colleges would be able to make sure that Rush is streamlined and they bring that faster and easier to the people to the community in the conference with the exposure of the type of conference invites because we knew that if we say you again this conference is going to trend is going to and more legs and people have an intense attack to take notice under conversation so we want to appreciate [Applause] [Laughter]

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