40 Years of LEGO Education

The eighties. A decade of innovation. One would forever change
the face of learning: LEGO® Education. Created with one goal in mind, LEGO Education set out
to reimagine the way we learn. And for 40 years, that’s
exactly what we’ve done. In our earliest days, we pioneered the advancement of STEAM learning before it even had a name- helping lay the foundation for understanding complex concepts. We recognized the power in bringing a hands-on
approach to education- ensuring that even the most
intimidating STEAM subjects could be fun and accessible. And we saw that by building confidence in learning through exploration, collaboration, real-world application,
inspiration, and innovation, we could ignite a lifelong love of learning. And now as we look back,
we’re excited to celebrate these 40 years of learning through play. And even more excited about
what the next 40 will bring.


  1. Dawid Szmandra said:

    New Mindstorms when?

    January 14, 2020
  2. Carmen Cohaila Quispe said:


    January 16, 2020

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