3M Informatics: Experiments (HD)

digital communication networks are great because they offer marketers the ability to run high-impact targeted content right where your consumer is so there's all sorts of promise yet there's all these challenges associated with them too there's a significant initial investment and there's a lot of work a lot of resources expended to run a network a digital sign network on a day-to-day basis the big question is is it worth it in the first place the Holy Grail and marketing is figuring out how to measure the effects of content whether it's on a digital screen or in the real world on what people do marketers really want to know what worked but they've never been able to isolate a single message in the in-store environment and connect that message to sales and this is going to change all that 3m informatics is a radically different platform for measuring and optimizing digital communication networks so we started with the question of measurement how can you know if the content you're showing on your displays is actually having an impact on your business results on the data you care about with 3m informatics for the first time marketers will be able to measure return on investment control their digital sign networks and get data that nobody can argue with the most important difference about 3m informatics is that for the first time you'll know with mathematical certainty the probability that you have a cause-and-effect relationship I think one of the things that we would like to achieve is better control in the research environment and that will allow us to create actionable insights that business leaders can move forward with 3m informatics helps me do my job because it helps me understand what worked when it worked and it also helps me understand what I need to explore next I think 3mm fanatics provides companies the opportunity to have a competitive edge to note with confidence what your messages are communicating and to be able to drive behaviors that you're that you're seeking when they use our product they'll be able to do the same thing they're already doing content decide what they want the content to do distribute the content but using our technology they can do that and they'll know exactly what the effects of their content are thorium informatics is going to change the game it's going to change the way people think about marketing you

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