360 Virtual Tour of HPE Technology Renewal Center

our world becomes more digital every day at hewlett-packard enterprise we believe that designing out waste and pollution are fundamental to our future as a company we create products that are designed for our customers and for the environment we also designed solutions to extend the life of technology to repurpose products back into the economy so they can be used again and generate new value this intersection of business and sustainability creates what we call a circular economy and it begins here welcome to the HPE financial services technology renewal Center located in Andover Massachusetts it's part of the largest IT manufacturer our own technology renewal network in the world here our mission is to foster and support the circular economy a place where products and materials are processed and re-enter the economic cycle it starts with the piece of technology and the desire to recover value from it decommissioning and transporting products can be complex and challenging we make the complex simple providing environmentally friendly global pack and ship logistics at any scale when products arrive they are immediately sorted and assigned tracking numbers we begin the process of asset upcycling our term for refurbishing and reusing electronics welcome to workplace upcycling here we process PCs laptops and monitors of all brands our work includes removal of all customer identification an audit of system hardware data sanitization and functional testing all conducted by HPE technicians our next stop is Enterprise upcycling a start to finish operation for data center products such as servers storage and network systems each individual asset is audited by a team of experts equipment is separated into individual components to test for functionality and counterfeiting to ensure authenticity data security is a critical part of the process we follow strict protocols guided by industry best practices for data eradication including customer specific security requirements we perform data erasure on all brands and platforms including drive to galaxy and destruction if required more than 10,000 enterprise storage devices can be processed weekly in our Andover facility after all is sorted tested and drives are wiped the electronics can be custom configured resold or warehouse for use at a later date for certified pre-owned products hve technicians some with more than three decades in the industry work closely with the customer's IT staff to determine specific needs this is where the magic happens where complex technology is given new life custom configured rigorously tested and certified to meet the highest standards other enterprise products are warehoused for reconfiguration at a later date products are catalogued and stored in an extensive inventory dating from 18 months into twenty-five years from original production our global product management team can quickly locate and secure the necessary components to build systems to each customer specific requirements sustainability and environmental reporting requirements are becoming increasingly adopted around the world at HPE we have developed an industry-leading circular economy report providing our customers with official documentation detailing the material energy carbon and landfill savings achieved through the upcycling process we all have a role in the circular economy our mission at the technology renewal Center is to provide each product we service with the new beginning a benefit to our customers bottom line into the sustainability of our planet from the team and and over thank you for joining our tour today you

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