28th International Olympiad in Informatics. August 12 – 19, 2016

for the first time since inception the International Olympiad in informatics is hosted by Kazan Federal University the second oldest university in Russia Kazan won the right to host over rival cities from Japan and Azerbaijan the first record was set even before the competition 88 delegations arrived to this Olympia the highest representation ever the participants were always assisted by student volunteers from Kazan University one of the co-organizers of the event the university also accommodated the guests at the university at village one of the best student dorms in the country this man using a very nice place to host an event Elizabeth since this thing very well and personally my presents are wow Kazan is huge in beautiful cities installing their architecture is great and also the campus University Village is huge and it's the best is the best campus I've ever seen it's really nice I feel like we've been like this whole organization is very professional yeah it's a nice place we've been walking around some tourist attractions it's run over night city nice people nice food I like every single thing in this country I hear that there is good University I know that education system is very good there I may study there in a future experience the opening ceremony or the 28th International Olympiad in informatics was broadcast live on the internet and on regional cable TV the broadcast was provided by Universe Man 3 the Kazan university student TV station the ceremony featured video shows 3d graphic laser and light performances the national flag parade was one of the key moments of the celebratory event well Korea Bosnia and Herzegovina Bush yeah together the gifts were able to get a taste of Russia and touch our culture represented by the best creative teams organized along with the Olympic Games in Rio where our Russian athletes fight for the Olympic gold right there I shall go forth in his welcome speech noted the importance of IT in modern education he expressed hope that kazan with host other such events in the future in 2020 results you will achieve during the competition's i would like to congratulate you on the results because you have already achieved much in this competition for all those who could not watch the lion broadcast the video is available at the kfu website and on universe mitrice youtube channel kfu media centers employees cover the competition and the everyday life of the participants the interviews can be found at the official website www.att.com/biz itself each of the two legs contain three algorithmic tasks the second leg was more intense current ioi tests are very challenging and can only be solved by the most brilliant students a bit hard solo boo the other two were a bit challenging I believe people who will achieve some sports or a good scores I've been doing this for a few years now and lots of stuff on coach horses our website them definitely see more problems also but I have a couple of counts on my desk to these like cows are simple if you saw used to go and basically every contestant always has the cow to it's it's it's a lawn tradition over decades the Olympiad organizers provided many cultural events and entertainment our gifts toward the city and familiarize themselves with Kazan University they visited the city's main points of interest kazan kremlin cool Sharif mosque and syndicate our moreover everyone could get a closer look at the history of Kazan Federal University in particular a trip was arranged to the kfu History Museum a unique opportunity was provided to ioi participants to try their luck at Saban 2e that our traditional harvest festival many different events were available such as a Graces blindfolded pot breaking and races in grain sacks one of the most popular contests was sacrificing on a log the cultural program continued with a visit to Annapolis a suitable specifically for IT companies and employees our guests could see the latest IT developments made by local experts including those with the participation of Kazan Federal University the visitors also toured the city and partook in exciting quests the delegation then moved to the island city of fears there they watched an interactive show with famous characters of Russian history they could also play traditional Russian folk games something that I've noticed is that there seems to be lots of flowers in Kazan and that's just a really nice detail that like this made me happy because I can just like walk around and it's a very colorful City because of the 20th International Olympiad in informatics concluded with a grand closing concert at the pyramid entertainment center universe' 3 the university student television broadcast this event life the best IT minds of the world received their well-deserved awards the first international informatics distinguished service gasps and our wieners mechanical talese gotta stop my cake so fine go and search in thank you so much please the ceremony video is available on universe mantra YouTube channel and the only official site www.hyken.com the ceremony ended with the official handover of the ioi flag to the Iranian delegation that was the 28th International Olympiad in informatics in Kazan we hope that our city will win the right to host the 2020 international collegiate programming contest and Kazan Federal University will then be glad to welcome IT talents from around the world once again you

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