2020 Electric Folding Bike Assembly Instructions – Electric Bike Technologies

this instructional video is a general guide to assist you in the Assembly of your new electric bicycle we highly suggest having a local bicycle repair professional assist with the assembly repair and maintenance of your new electric bike this video is for your electric bikes initial assembly only and is not meant to be a complete or comprehensive guide to all aspects of assembly maintenance and repair contact electric bike technologies if you have any questions regarding a safe operation proper assembly repair or maintenance of your electric bike hello everyone this is alec from electric bike tech i'm here today to show you how to assemble your electric folding bike we're going to skip over the packaging materials and phone in order to keep things simple and just show you how to put it together in order to get riding our first step here will be to unfold the frame press them together when the two halves are together close the latch make sure it closes all the way and then you can lower the safety latch in position to make sure that the frame can't come unclamped accidentally next we can unfold the handlebars in order to do that we just lift the handlebars up until the two halves come together close a quick release clap all the way and then slide the safety lever into place to hold the quick release clamp so that it can't open accidentally next we'll want to adjust our seat to about the right position you can adjust the seat by opening the quick release clamp and lifting the seat to the desired height make sure that you don't lift the seat higher than the minimum insertion mark the lower position can also telescope up and again don't lift it higher to the minimum insertion mark and then tighten the clamp to lock it down if you need to adjust the quick-release clamps open the clamp turn the nut on the back of the clamp with your fingers until it starts to snug up and then close the clamp the clamp should start to resist your closing motion about halfway if the clamp is too easy to turn or it's too hard to turn and doesn't start to get tight about halfway open the clamp again and adjust the clamp before closing after you've got the handlebars and the seat in place the next step will be to install the pedals using a 15 millimeter wrench or a small adjustable wrench the left-hand pedal is already installed for you in order to install the right hand pedal you'll line it up with the crank the right hand pedal is a normal right hand thread it tightens by turning clockwise with a light coating of grease on the threads line the pedal up and thread it in by hand we want to make the pedal finger tight before we put our wrench on and tighten it fully this helps to ensure that it's not cross threaded or anything like that once the pedal is threaded all the way in we can take our 15 millimeter wrench or small adjustable and put it on the pedal flats then we can tighten the pedal fully to 25 foot pounds if the pedal is not tightened all the way it can come loose which can strip the threads out and damage the cranks or the pedals or both to turn your battery on and off first open the cover on the side of the frame in the cover you'll see the on/off switch for the battery when the one is pressed in the battery is turned on you'll be able to turn the screen on and use the motor power when the zero is pressed in the battery is off when you're removing or installing your battery turn it off by pushing the 0 in before removing or reinstalling the batteries when you're all done turn the battery back on close the cover and you're all set once you have the handle bars the seat and the pedal all set up you can check your brakes look over the bike to make sure everything looks alright and then take it for a short test ride thanks for watching you adjust the brakes shifter and derailleur only if necessary these adjustments are made prior to shipping you should make any adjustments necessary to properly fit the bike to the rider before riding see the links below for additional resources to assist you and your local bicycle professional test the bike fully before riding and have your work inspected by a certified reputable local bike technician contact electric bike technologies if you have any questions regarding the safe operation proper assembly repair or maintenance of your electric bike

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