2020 Electric Fat Bike – Quick Start Guide – Electric Bike Technologies

charge your battery first take a look at the bottom edge of the battery and find the charging plug pull the cover open and you'll see the three pin charging plug inside next plug your charger into the wall when the charger is plugged in you'll see that one red light comes on and the green light comes on next take the charging plug and find the key in the end of the plug we'll want to line the plug up correctly in order to push it due to the bottom of the battery here and we line the key in the plug up with the notch in the battery we push it all the way straight in then both lights will turn red and the fan on the charger will come on from fully empty to completely charge will take four to five hours when charging is finished the light will turn green and the fan will turn off then you can unplug the charger unplug it from the wall close the charging port on the battery and you're all set to remove the battery for instance to take the battery into a different room for charging insert the key turn the key clockwise and then pull the lever on the battery the battery will pop free and you can remove it from the bike diagonal reinstall the battery opposite of the way you remove it the pin on the battery drops into the receptacle in the frame and you install the battery diagonal as you lever the battery in place push the battery home with the click remove the key and put it somewhere for safekeeping it's better to remove the key while you're riding the bike so you can't risk the key falling out and becoming lost to turn the screen off or on press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn your assist level up press the plus button to turn the assist level down press the minus button to change informational modes press the I button you can override the headlight automatic on and off using the headlight button hold it down for 3 seconds when the display is on you'll see a readout for your battery status your speed the current power consumption of the motor your assist level setting and the currently displayed metric like your trip or odometer reading the assist level is adjustable by pressing the plus button to increase the assist to higher levels higher levels will give you more motor power relative to how hard your pedaling through the torque sensor lower numbers will give you less power from the motor relative to how hard your pedaling setting the assist level on zero will disable the pedal assist at any time you can also twist the throttle in order to get power immediately this is useful for starting from a stop sign or going up a steep hill whenever the brake lever is engaged the motor will be shut off you'll have no pedal assist and no response from the throttle as long as the brake lever is being pulled this is a safety feature that makes sure that the motor will not fight against your brakes when you're trying to slow down you can change which metric is currently being displayed on the screen by pressing the I button to toggle through different readouts you can also enter the settings menu by pressing the I button twice quickly once the display settings are open you can press I to select a setting and scroll through settings using the plus and minus buttons here we're on the speed limit setting which is set to 20 miles per hour by default if I select the speed limit by pressing the I button I can turn the setting up to a higher number this number represents the speed at which the motor will turn off or slow down in order to stop providing assistance this controls the top speed with the pedal assist and with the throttle I can set this number high but my maximum speed will always be limited by the top gearing that I can achieve on the bike if I'm in a lower gear my top speed will be lower if I'm gonna hire a near my top speed will be higher once I'm done changing settings I can press the back button here by scrolling down with the minus button until back is selected and pressing I and then scroll down again to exit and press I and then I'll be back to the home screen in order to shift to a lower gear pushing the lower lever in order to shift to a higher gear pull the upper lever your lower gears will give you more power this will help you climb Hills or start out from the stop but the low gears will have a lower top speed as you get going faster shift to a higher and higher gear your maximum speed will only be achievable in your top gear but if you're in your top gear the motor will be very sluggish starting out from the stop and if you're trying to pedal it'll be very hard to pedal since the motor runs through the chain and uses you earring shifting gears correctly is essential start out from a stop and a nice easy to pedal low gear as you get up to a higher gear you can start going faster and faster when you're shifting make sure to let go of the throttle if you shift gears while the motors working hard you can jam the chain bend the derailleur and cause all sorts of problems because the motor is running the chain you need to be gentle with the motor when you're shifting gears the chain does need to be moving though pedal forward gently while you're shifting don't shift while you're not pedaling because then you'll just be putting strained sideways on the chain and the derailleur so pedal forward slowly and gently put on a low assist level and let go of the throttle if your pedal hard it can cause problems because the motor will pick up the pedal assist and drive hard if you need to you can sort of tap the brake lever gently so you don't start breaking but you do start to engage the ebrake shut off this can let you stay in a higher assist level and sort of pedal gently without engaging the motor at all while you shift practice shifting a little bit and you'll get the hand of making a nice fast easy shift without jamming

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