2020 Electric Cruiser Bike – Quick Start Guide – Electric Bike Technologies

charging plug for the cruiser bike is on the back of the battery open the charging plug by opening the rubber cover to begin charging plug your charger into the wall first both lights will come on the charger one red and one green we can take the charging plug unlined the key of the plug up with the keyway in the batteries charging port and push the plug straight in without twisting once it's plugged in we'll see both lights turn red and the fan will come on when the battery is finished charging the light will turn green again and the family shot off then you can unplug the charger from the battery and unplug it from the wall set the charger aside and close up the charging plug to turn on your cruiser bike first turn on the battery the battery switch is located at the back of the battery on the right hand side the one position is for on and the zero position is for off if you want to remove the battery from the cruiser bike in order to take it into a different room for charging or something like that you'll need to use the key to unlock the battery from the frame slide the key in turn the key all the way counterclockwise then you can slide the battery out along its track when you're ready to reinstall the battery line the track in the battery up with the track on the rack slide the battery in place when the battery gets to the end of the track and the contacts start to push in to the end cap here the resistance will increase a little bit to be a little harder to push push it in all the way turn the key back all the way clockwise and remove the key make sure the battery is fully locked in place and then you'll be ready you can operate the throttle by twisting it downwards to get power on demand the throttle will override your pedal assist setting and the e brake will override the throttle or the pedal assist whenever the brake lever is poked you'll have no motor power when the brake lever is released your pedal assist or throttle will begin working again once the battery is on you can turn the screen on by pressing and holding the power button for three seconds when the screen is on you'll see the display for the battery your speed the current power output of the motor your trip and odometer distances and your assist level setting control the assist level press the + button to increase it or the minus button to decrease it higher assist levels will give you more motor power relative to the pedal power that you put in lower assist levels will give you less motor power relative to the amount that your pedal turn the assist level down to zero to get no assist from the pedal assist sensor the throttle will continue to work regardless of your system settings to enter the settings menu press and hold the plus or minus keys at the same time for three seconds you'll enter the settings and you can navigate using the plus and minus buttons or select a setting by pressing the I button if we open display settings here we can reset our trip meter by pressing I when trip reset is selected then pressing the plus button change the trip reset to yes pressing the eye button again save that we scroll down to our speed limit setting we can change our speed limit governor here from 20 miles per hour to another value so want to increase that speed limit we can turn it up then press I save the settings and scroll down to go back and we exit the settings or return here to the home screen the shift gears turn the twist grip shifter bring the shifter towards you shifts to a lower gear which is an easier gear turning the shifter away from you shifts to a higher gear only shift while you're pedaling forward slowly you don't ever want to shift while the throttle is engaged or while you're pedaling hard if you're in a high assist level so that the motor is providing a lot of power as you pedal either turn down to a lower assist level or engage the brakes slightly in order to activate the e brake and shut the motor off if you shift while the motor is working hard or while you're pedaling hard you can jam the chain which can bend the derailleur or knock the chain off the sprockets since the motor operates through the gears you'll want to start out in a low gear so that you can get better power when you're going up a hill or starting from the stoplight as you get going faster you can get more speed by shifting to a higher gear shifting your gears often will give you a better performance and better control of your speed and power for going up hills going down hills starting from the stoplight or riding along the flats you

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