2020 Electric City Bike – Quick Start Guide – Electric Bike Technologies

charge the battery first plug the charger into the wall both lights will come on red and green indicating that the charger is not hooked up once the charge is plugged into the wall on the lights are on take the charging plug and open the charging port on the battery by peeling open the rubber cover line the key on the plug up with the keyway in the charging port on the battery and push the charger straight in without turning the plug now both lights will turn red and the fan will come on when the battery is fully charged the fan will turn off one light will turn green and you'll be ready to unplug the charger pull the plug straight out without turning it now unplug the charger from the wall and the lights will fade out you can cover the charging port on the battery back up by pushing the rubber plug back in place and now you're ready to use the bike you can remove the battery for instance if you want to take the battery into another room for charging by using the key insert the key into the frame and turn the key all the way clockwise then grab the battery handle and pull the battery out diagonal pattern will come out diagonally then you can take it away you can remove the key when you're ready to put the battery back in you'll need to line the bottom of the battery up first when the bottom of the battery is in place in the frame then you can lever the battery and diagonally and it'll click in place to turn the LCD on press and hold the power button for three seconds and the LCD will come on on your LCD you have a battery readout your trip and odometer reading mile-per-hour readout for your current speed and a power readout showing how much motor power you're utilizing in the middle you have an assist level number which you can control by pressing the plus and minus buttons level five is the maximum assist relative to your pedaling while level one is the minimum and level zero is no assist meanwhile you can use the throttle by twisting the throttle downwards in order to get power as long as the brake levers are engaged the throttle and pedal assist are not active to access your settings you can press and hold the plus and minus buttons for three seconds and into your display settings in here you can navigate by using the minus and plus buttons to select a menu and using the I button to change that menu now I'm on the trip reset I'm using the plus button to change trip reset to yes and I'll press the I button and now I've cleared my trip reset here you could access your top speed limit which will shut the motor off currently if you go over 20 miles per hour I press the I button here I can change the speed limit to a higher number for offroad use or if I'd like to go at a lower speed I can set my speed limit to 15 miles per hour for instance I press the I button now that setting is in I can go down to the back and go that exit and my settings are saved in order to shift gears you need to be pedaling forward slowly you'll want to be pedaling gently not using the throttle if you shift gears while you're using the throttle or while you're not pedaling at all then the chain can jam you can bend the derailleur you can drop the chain off the sprockets and other things like that while you're pedaling forward gently and slowly you can press the lower button to shift down to a lower gear or press the upper button to shift up to a higher gear the higher gears let you go faster and the lower gears let you get more power since the motor runs through the gearing you'll have the most efficient response if you start from a stop or climb up hills in lower gears as you start going faster on flats or on down hills or once you've come up to your cruising speed shift up to a higher gear in order to get a higher speed out of the motor if you start out from the stop or climb a hill and your top gear the motor will struggle to keep up because it'll have less power from the gear reduction so instead of using your top gears for climbing hills use your lower gears for climbing hills and your higher gears for going faster once you're up to speed if you want to make a shift while you're pedaling it can help to engage the brake just enough to activate the e brake when the brakes are pulled the motor will shut down so if you're in a high assist level say we're in level five even pedaling gently will run the motor a bit so you might want to tamper brakes just a little while we shift or shift to a lower pedal assist number while we should

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