2019-20 Scientific Challenge: First Encounter

– Hi, I’m Varsha. – And I’m Madison. And we’re here to tell you about
this season’s Scientific Challenge, First Encounter. – Imagine what happens
when a real-life species encounters a habitat for the first time. Will the species and
habitat clash or coexist? Will their worlds flip upside down? – What happens next is up to you! – For your Presentation,
your team will create a story about an outsider species’ and habitat’s unexpected first encounter
and surprising consequences. – Your story should also include an outsider species morph
and a habitat morph. For this Challenge, a morph
is any observable change to the species or habitat,
but it must be caused by their interaction with one another. – Your habitat morph must also include technical methods that help initiate, operate or produce the
morph, such as these! – But that’s not all! Your team will need to present its story in Theater in the Round. – What’s that? – It’s a style of theater
where the audience is surrounding the stage, like this! – [Both] Wow, we’re surrounded! – Your team will also
use theater techniques, such as blocking and staging, to enhance the effect
of Theater in the Round. – Think you’re up for the challenge? It’s time to let your imagination run wild in… – [Both] First Encounter!

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  1. Jude Srouji said:

    sounds good

    September 28, 2019

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