2016 STARTS – Jury members talking about innovation

I think we try to look at aspects like breakthrough cutting-edge people who try to explore some limits what is again not possible in industrial and already working environment means this is really creative the creative environment and this the aspect or the dimension of exploration and playing maybe with with connections that don't happen in other circumstances and I believe it is important to create some spaces where different point of views and different encounters can can occur for example playfulness yeah we had one category called playfulness yeah we invented so as a little help us for our discussion and carefulness is it's something which is more difficult to achieve in the industry in itself because to say hey we play now with the technology and this is more product oriented and more rational and so on and and this playfulness Karimi was was then the largest in the end yeah that's a good thing because people need more good mood we have seen many projects on data visualization it is for sure big topic of our times we have seen several platforms how people try to create platforms for collaboration for innovation on the one hand platforms that offer knowledge that offer competencies expertise that offer another platform that offer material and complete material and technologies to create to create things we have seen how different disciplines are merging between nature science technology architecture and it is very interesting signal on innovation of our times because technology is developing very quickly it's a very exponential pace and now we need all the people around the table to keep the pace of evolution technology and try to make the best out of it I think first and Europe as a whole is a very large that was continent for many people around there is innovative and if you like to see more innovation then I would say the institution's we have should appreciate diversity more na appreciate and not enforce diversity become harmonica what we see what what are the criticism or hindrance for innovation I see practices like to force everything together and say ok you can only only be innovative if there is somebody from here to your material but to make different make more connected let the people lift their diversity on their own on a natural way yeah so not not not to be too harmonic and I believe in Europe we need a new mindset for innovation yeah I believe that innovation needs experimentation it needs spaces and need the mindset in which you encourage the initiative you encourage risk-taking and you encourage crosswalk failure sometimes thing to add to add something yeah very important we have we need what we need is a mindset that's an immaterial thing yeah yeah but we also need us more junk waste John yeah people should should be should have the opportunity to to play with with high end Chuck yeah to reef to make something else I want to build together to wrap it up to do to do something with their hands and fingers and so on and we are in a way in Europe what to clean yeah there's no junkyard with high-tech stuff in it where you can say ok play with it yeah this is a difficulty it's very simple but if you look back in the past especially as it occurred many and so on they had junkyards full of instruments from atomic submarines to play with yeah to rip them apart and ask engineers and read scientific literature and to do something with it today everything is recycled and cycled and whatsoever and so our young people don't have opportunity to get their hands on high-end stuff which is yeah which was for free like John and maybe another aspect coming back to what I said concerning cultivating a new mindset innovation is a topic for all the people not only university or institution and it has infused in all levels of society and economy it's important and there is another aspect it is the notion the definition of innovation we are always looking at Silicon Valley it is right it is the reference and the definition of of innovation and it would be worth it to think about the own definition innovation Moodle what does it mean for us to innovate and coming from a area where we work with very old and historical companies that are still existing today innovation is also reinventing and protecting the patrimony and advantage but to do it in a way that celebrates our times with our personality with our culture and with our sensitivity and this aspect is neglected because we are always very quickly in the innovation as such the product aside and here we need to create spaces where we kind of people ask you to talk about innovation as well is it an act you said no it's not have been all done yeah you

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