#168 – Is 5G Technology safe with 5G whistleblower Mark Steele

Welcome, welcome, welcome To the G2Voice broadcast it’s Sunday December 1st in the year of the Lord all God Almighty 2019 my name is Mark Grenon and I’m here with my co-host -Joseph Grenon Joe that a little sore throat today so I was playing with a tooth and I think I busted something open by putting too much mms and do you miss oh they’re an old I’m broke now yeah so I might have to have them I had ceramic put on top of it but I think I have to take it out take out any of that residual stuff and then put ceramic back yeah and usually doing that my maths in DMSO mouthwash yeah well take off I bet if you have what do you call it that happens no amalgam fillings you know oxidizing them fall out I doubt my Fox a one-man every place they put ceramic on top of everything and pulled it out but I think this one never got done so anyways it’s not affecting my speech I don’t think I don’t think but Joe December 1st well yeah this year is almost over okay we get another thirty or thirty days once everyone that’s right because my son’s birthday December 31st yeah everybody celebrates his birthdays my son’s birthday yeah sunburst yeah 30 days apart Isaac Daniel Rodriguez Brennan Rodriguez that’s not a evident the father’s name and then the mother’s name is last til they get married and women and then they take the man’s leg it’s kind of screwed up but we understand it a little bit yeah this week we’re going to be talking to up a guy I’ve talked him a couple times his 5g technology safe with the 5g whistleblower mark steel and on the newsletter you can see a picture him we talked to him for about well we talked to him before I’m probably about an hour and we’ve corresponded and we kind of lost touch I was setting up a time and he never got back to me so we got into other programs and things but he told me Joe took two months to get that message yeah so he’s been being hit hard in fact since I put out the news I’ve had a couple people I mean watch out for him watch out for him he’s a bad one bad news guy like what do you know about him that I don’t know I mean he tells you he worked for the somebody the farm I what are the the the you know secret stuff and nuclear weapons and spying and using um what do you call it Joe frequencies for for weapons and he’s he’s got a bunch of patterns of things he’s invented so yeah you know I’m like okay what’s wrong with Tim telling us about 5g and he’s not the only one saying the same thing yeah I was just casually bad he said he was bad he’d say he was you know a quiet boy and on England that’s pretty dangerous and in you know he just tell it straight out so and he’s saying the same thing as other people so when people say that they’re usually just mimicking some special newspaper they like BBC or something I don’t know I don’t know much research people like that do but anyways I’m going to put them up anyways I really don’t the bad news is I most people write me like that I don’t care we put it up now is am I going to get perfect individuals all the time coming no there’s none there’s none Jesus Christ left earth two thousand years ago after he rose from the dead to captivity captive out of hell and brought them to heaven and he’s not around now so everybody else in Lion bowel says I’m going to live so people got to keep the past this point that they think you know Oh Trump is a saint I don’t think so I let him say yesterday I want 5g I want 6g implemented as quick as we can like and I heard him say about vaccines take the mumps vaccine is one of them so he’s doing some good things I like his stance about abortion I like his I like the wall I like the wall I like that they suck sicko and their southern boy has a wall no one says shit about that right and we put up a wall because we let people come in and and and give them all free stuff when our own citizens are living on the streets we just screwed up by these dealers the armor deep state Democrats but I don’t just look at Democrats as being evil the Republicans Ronald Reagan went to the the frickin aam Bohemian Grove with Newt Gingrich conservative right you know Republicans go sacrificed to a our God and they say all kinds of prostitutes are there boys and girls I mean it’s a sick place Bohemian Grove studying and these guys go that Reagan you’re a piece of shit for going there Newt Gingrich when I see him on Fox well Fox pharmacy and I’ll just ninety percent of those people there they might have a few people that are speaking some truth they’re in there only to kind of balance it out but they’re not just fair and balanced they’re gay in Barron’s Bell gay and unbalanced you know you people are sick watching them all the time III get my news from censored news I get it from before it’s news.com I get them from a lot of alternative places am I taking the same news you guys are getting okay and if you listen to what we’re doing worldwide you’ll see the medical system and you could say the medical system Joe runs the world you can say no it’s the pharmaceuticals no it’s the bankers no it’s the people that own all that yeah and it’s the same people pharmacies the bankers the government to CDC the FDA the media the school system the universities same freakin people okay if you read the time line I put in my book get this book get a hundred of them give them to your friends if you love your family because you’re going to you’re going to have your eyes open this is an eye-opening book okay and people have told me yeah read it okay the first 100 pages to get you you taste buds tantalized it’s for free so you got nothing to lose get it for free send it to your friends for free send the movie we have for free but get this up and just read the timeline of the medical system the Rockefellers the Rothschilds the IG Farben stir to do parts the JP Morgan’s the others piece of shit Carnegie’s and things they said cocky we own everything we now I mean the nineteen hundred’s we own everything me and Rockefeller Carnegie said and Rockefeller say the same thing there’s not even any competition anymore if you know anything about those guys they killed the competition kind of like the Clintons they might not physically kill them but they wiped out their bit killed their business like the Clintons physical kill you you know afraid of those piece of shit what do you undo to send me to heaven what dangerous is we don’t care we don’t care so this guy in Liberal Britain Great Britain I say I love the people there because we go there and we met a lot of good people but we meet the people with their eyes open the average the average Brett is like the petraea min Spain remember that novela they’re red because they’re sunburned big fat drinking a beer on the beach that’s there they’re just blind stupid like the average American walking around just give me my beer give me my giving my yeah get us and giving my meds and I’ll be happy till I die very slowly and a very unhealthy way slowly croaking forty something yeah but the people we meet the average person with your eyes open in any country great people your country sucks your Britain court system I’m surprised that this is what’s so exciting about this this guy one is case Joe in a liberal Britain court and no one showed up in the same mock doesn’t know he’s Dharma well let me see what the article says I pulled this out the article the rest of its their mark still a 5g campaigner has been highlighting the dangers of a secret 5g roll out by Gateshead Council that’s where he lives where residents are complaining of increased illness and cancer in the affected areas area there’s enough evidence to conclude the new smart five arrays 5g arrays on top of the new LED lamp post and MIT class 1 radiation frequencies it says it on the pumps Joe yeah yeah and should be treated as dangerous to the public Gateshead Council ignorantly we butted clear evidence and created false accusations allege a legate excuse me on social media post and printed leaflets stating that mock still is spreading pseudoscience and that the arrays are not dangerous or 5g least this guy has the balls to stop passing stuff out let people know and so the government does the same thing and this what it said be assured that there is no scientific basis or credible evidence for any of these scare stories about streetlights causing in other illnesses it must be really what scared because they’re throwing this out and usually what they’re saying is exact the opposite okay we know that whenever the government puts out statements like this it’s just exactly opposite so what Mark is saying is true and he talked to him you listen to him then they misused pop police powers the gag mock steal and yesterday he left a free man at gates at Council to fork out eleven thousand pounds that’s about 15 grand of taxpayers money to cover the court cost I’m mining to woeful ignorance so they pay for his court costs in court none of the council officers could explain what 5g is he’s asking him what is this they don’t know the leading government expert which is a piece of shit usually refused to attend the court hearing yeah in conclusion the judge refused the gag mark stating the public have a right to know all right so the judge probably honest individual if there’s any left in any court system on earth but he’s a he’s an honest individual anyone made it’s actually a pay you guys don’t want to say you don’t know what it is and you putting it out there your expert won’t show up Joe it’s like yesterday I’m watching a football game and this I forget what it was for is for lick was for Crohn’s might have been Crohn’s disease anyways one commercial side effects Jo ridiculous but one of them popped out that I’m starting to hear fact there is the first time yesterday because it says it knocks out your meal system this just once a month pill don’t get injected don’t get a needle take this shit once a month I look like I detect yeah object I think that might have been it to anyway said said this if you’ve had if you’ve been around anybody that’s recently been vaccinated let your doctor know Joe now they’re saying vaccinates vaccines shed they were denying that now in the very side effects or cautions for this drug don’t get around anybody but that’s there’s no other reason for them to say that right no other reason well you don’t like to be vaccinated people yeah tell that doctor so so listen we’ve been saying this all along that the unvaccinated killed children are people pose no danger to vaccinated ones it’s just the opposite the vaccinated people shed the virus the bacteria most of the virus that they’ve got they shed it for first few days and it’s their contagious Joe it’s like walking around with a MRSA on your lips and herpes in your open look sword kissing breathing it kissing people come on ma’am wake up you stupid people I put this in Facebook today don’t ever vaccinate your kids because they’re saying all these side effects they’re seeing all these bad things stupid parents oh you shouldn’t say that you know the Bible says I’m not into this ignorance anymore Joe it’s being an excuse because the Bible says you’re willfully ignorant you were told by God that this meet are inside you the Bible system one of God’s inside you we call it the conscience many times that your cues or excuses you so it says in Romans chapter 2 read it read the whole chapter reach out the one oh shit you want to talk about what happens when you people start working for the creature more than the Creator homosexuality pops out of that and names it then they do all these other stupid things then chapter 2 says I gave you no one’s going to be honest and in front of God say I didn’t tell you because it’s written in your heart Joe but you have to squelch that voice you have to squelch it and the point for the Bible says you can become reprobate he just says okay you don’t want the Spirit to talk to you I’m going to let it go it’s not going to anymore you’re going to have to come to me something devastating is going to have to come to you uh oh God moment crying out to God or you’re not going to come to me anymore I’m not going to woo you anymore your conscience is dead it’s burned with a hot iron Shh Wow you’re not around the Word of God you don’t hear the word of God Spirit of God doesn’t convict you you’re in a bad place buddy okay and what becomes willful ignorance well I didn’t know wait a minute any parent that cares about his kid would you let someone come along and say hey I want your son to drink this what is it when you say that yes of course no no you just don’t say it because the guy says F da bruises but what’s in it yeah and he’s wearing a doctor’s coat yeah so he not going to do that they would never do how try this on the street no no no what’s in it first thing you ask yourself and before nobody not even asking that question there’s stupid ignorant idiots that are parents today they can and most people can’t use deductive reasoning never learned it they can’t read and comprehend assimilate knowledge wisdom and experience really wisdom is after you have experience okay anyways I’m getting off the track it just pisses me off to all the things that right in your face that are done I mean isn’t any any surprise that you find in Walt Disney and many of those people other crimes of pedophilia huh they hire these people there are minority I’m not afraid of these these uh Lily knows sodomites I’m not afraid of them look at I have a campaign against you join the club didn’t lied via ABC BBC CBC we got the Guardian Drudge Report we’ve got all kinds of people saying what we’re pieces of shit poisoning people I didn’t even give you MMS when I’ll try that myself as a parent but if I want to die it’s my stupidity let’s check it out if you don’t check out we’re going into kids mouth in your mouth obviously but in your kids you don’t really care for him you’re a piece of shit pattern of this stuff was that bad you think I’ve given it to my wife when she’s pregnant with the kids and everything in douching wildly pregnant it’s folks we get pissed off we got to speak up and you know what we’re going to speak up I don’t care where it hits who it hits man I’m going I’m doing second volume now my book Joe I wanted to be all color this time because there’s so many pictures of what we’ve been doing as I’m reading the people we met the situation’s I’m like wow this gas to get out book form this is an amazing journey that’s happened in the last since 2006 to us personally besides Jim’s journey but and he’s included in this thing and it’s it’s amazing I’m well I’m really looking forward to getting it done in fact I’m going slower because I’m really enjoying the stories and thinking and they lead into another one in you always remember yeah things in your time we’re in profit 500 people we could speak in everybody artisan in Prague a nyan know Slovak and the Prague language had people who speak to write and we have people asking lines of people asking questions afterwards damn it’s amazing what happened there Joe and the people afterwards Kerry and a bunch of people talking about autism we had lines of people talking about MMS CD as how to take the protocols andreas myself and Jim would take your care of them I mean it was good it was really good and three million people know two million people watched us on TV talking to a guy with his doctor cured of fourth stage prostate cancer they had 300,000 emails to their site that day tremor they translated Jim’s book the quantumleap.is is in that language Czech Republic has been told and our buddy there Pavel and the people working with him have been the ones exposed it we were there twice and nearly the first time I went there it was the interviews we came back and did that seminar about a year or two later I’m getting the kind of the timeline I don’t know if I might have chapters this book this might just be timelines what happened like 2007-2008 you know what we didn’t do then I didn’t realize we had 19 seminars you realize this because we karma in the dr we only took pictures like the last maybe last four or five yeah because people didn’t want their pictures taken they were afraid of repercussions because it was so controversial we weren’t really taking pictures of the group pictures they didn’t want him to we go ok but now after that we took him every time we said just step aside with taking pictures yeah and we’re kind of underground self stealth but we want because Jim was still getting hit we’re just getting started yeah and we were getting hit out of the third seminar Oh FDA came after us right away yeah so anyways they’ll tell you stories about that okay it’d be a very interesting book the first one this book talks about why we have disease and yes a little bit I found Jimmy found out as yeah take care of yourself and that what our church is doing and protocols to take yourself this second one is now getting in the story up to really up to present time with the broadcast everything and we’re reading people and they’re coming to us and you got to end it with it to be continued yeah oh it will be I’m already putting volume I had all kinds of plans for volume to to be different so I’m coming like half of the book of volume three already written of chapters that really need to be told okay one of them’s like the endocannabinoid system how was discovered what it does why we use cannabis oil how to use it what MMS and I get some articles that I mean some chapters that really need to be put out so I’m kind of joy it’s going to come out when it comes out we got so much for doing Joe I just I really want to just keep rolling last week we covered another great topic 502 cures completely cured people because they’re not all kids have autism autism really stands for it’s really called ASD autism spectrum disorder you gots disorders syndrome diseases ill you know and they got pills for injections for all of them right anyways every one of them kids at a vaccine we call it vaccine injury okay I don’t agree with it well you just not digging deep because every credible person maybe not in even in some of the medical journals they’ve said that vaccines are doing neurological damage okay nevermind adding the aluminum the mercury the fluoride which is basically aluminum sodium fluoride is a byproduct of Alcoa there’s another shit family the lemons okay the lien owns their piece of shit family I’m sorry how could you say that about a such a rich respected piece of shit family I just did and the van der belts Vanderbilt’s and oh they’re so respected because they have what I got calories and then what are they doing under underneath the art gallery huh most of them this guy on one of these guys it’s opposed completely to what we do and in fact scene I forget his name he’s a little wimpy looking guy I’m silver here I think he’s ABC I don’t think of him anyways but he’s a Vanderbilt he doesn’t take the name but he’s a Vanderbilt all these people up there man come on let’s stop playing games and get the truth out let’s put the money on the table let’s show you cards okay we do it all the time well the reporter wrote us this week want to get into someone who’s been around this recently they don’t want the truth they just want a story that you know so we don’t even answer anymore I have a form letter I tell them we don’t actually people because your shit okay basically you’re liars and and we don’t trust you but I’ll go on any kind of alternate news – they won’t edit us and again I have challenged the top scientists chemists doctors in the world to do it only one topic the efficacy of chlorine dioxide in the human body in annum Wow well you’ll be they’ll each lunch really we have all their patents all the studies we have all the evidence and we have our studies they can’t this is why we’ll never debate us because they know the government’s use it the medical people use it its patented the FDA approved EPA approved anyways Joe we talked to Kerry last week and kind of renewed a friendship we’re kind of just busy for like six years I was a little pissed at her she will piss tameka’s telling her you’re stupid not doing this and that and she said you’re an idiot you know kind of brother and sister type thing but I see the benefits of meat and she sees it now I see the benefits of not doing enemas she’s still doing it because of what does to that colon the floor then I see the benefits of raw dairy she’s Jesus looking and blend the end she cured 502 kids so how did you do it the commented on time and denominator wasn’t those things that we disagree about but was chlorine dioxide we have kids that don’t do enemas do raw milk do cannabis oil those three things need to be added to the protocol with autism and they’re having recoveries and the recovery is they have these tests they do they get up to 60 70 80 90 and they get it down to like below 10 and the kids basically normal he doesn’t look in the eyes you know he’s like this no tension you know they have a test that they put him through all caused by back peeling back the Neron coding on the my them the Milon coating of the nerves that’s the nerve they peel back that coating and it’s like short-circuiting the kids horrible and it’s going really fast you can look at doctors down on Kerry sight watch the the the broadcast look in the description and it’s Kerry River ericom she’s got all kinds of interviews with actors and stuff and you got autism hook up with her okay she’s changed the protocols so she doesn’t really recommend your old book because we’ve changed some things so which is good I don’t chase the parasites the chlorine dioxide so we’re still not doing things the same way but we got it we came together to say hey let’s help each other we’re both healing people we’re chlorine dioxide Gary we’re going to do us some things together so can we listen we love you and who cares we can agree to disagree on some things and let’s just keep going let’s get more kids and opal people yeah she’s even started helping every kind of people she can push them to us and we always push the autism kids they’re so real science and this one were involved in folks we’ve been doing one of the most comprehensive worldwide cross-cultural broad-spectrum voluntary human health studies of this world for the past I had seven years here because I pulled it out of my book Joe but really since we founded since Jim founded it’s been going on since I’m over twenty years we’ve been involved with Basics in 2006 when I personally started using it and helping people in Dominican Republic in Haiti okay Jim back till let’s just say to 2000 before he perfected it but back as early as 97 he held a few people in the mountains of a South American country Giada and so we’ve been doing that and not even specified percent of the world’s diseases have been treated with G2 Church protocols with great success that’s a study folks sciences observation it starts with a myth I mean a not a myth hypothesis and goes to a theory and then they practice that theory and keep seeing it happen over and standardized results with standardized procedures and protocols it becomes a long a fact okay that the scientific method and we’ve been doing that well you didn’t pay people to do it you didn’t have with Johnson & Johnson help you in some F da lab we don’t want to do that on purpose we want people not being paid self dosing themself practicing self-care and then reporting back to us we’re getting it well you are we tend in a moment we’re getting average of 10 every week where’s that coming from like that I’ll read 10 in a moment yeah and that’s just coming in for most people don’t tell you they don’t they won’t take the time if this could either see those ungrateful bastards know they need to please we need your help send them in and I don’t write them contrary to that which bitchute.com a while she wanted to get some high surgery might have poked her eyes out which I don’t wish for I just wish she come to the Lord help her kids get herself healthy in a kids she’s going to open her eyes yeah so I pray for I’m not praying for evil against her but you better watch out witch bitch Jezebel God will squash you if you keep it up you got a choice and you better listen every person on this earth has that God-given right control their own health and not rely on the pharmaceutical amendment medical industry every person self-care we encourage so that’s unscientific and then we got a seminar coming up February 15 and 16 in English is the English one in the 22nd and 23rd it’s very espanol so you got how many you got you got two and a half months okay two and a half months to get your act together and come on down here right sign out come for the weekend get here on a Friday leave Monday if you want right on the Caribbean beautiful place from Miami you could take a flight to Berlin Kia we can’t pick you up because there’s too many coming at that time but you walk out give the address rather than Oh Santa Marta this bus is right the air-conditioned what the partisan yeah a little door-to-door let us know we’ll put it the address give it to the thing I want to go here and they usually have guys that speak English there I want to go here get in was it like thirty thousand pesos it’s like let’s just like $10 $15 take the right to the the hotel that you’ve booked okay combien you’re going to learn a lot we have been doing for the first 59 seminars 58 we did it a certain way and really good a lot of good things we include a lot of that information but I’m also couraging and encouraging and teaching a lot about what this book talks about you need to know what’s going on your body and the main culprit of all disease of the body is toxicity okay that’s what you’re going to stop coming in your body so come and if you stay a week some people are coming for a week just places I get some pictures of places you can go beautiful part of the world and we’re going to teach you how to detox the body how to stop the toxins coming in builds up your body’s immune system and eliminating stress I had one lady told me I left my husband I’m talking the other night she said you I’ve watched your radio you say get that stressful relationships out of your life it’s like a light went on and I’m like I got to get away from this guy he’s stressing me out so she did now I’m not telling people that divorced their family members and stuff but don’t live fix it don’t live in a stressful situation kids parents adults in-laws job God don’t live like that it will ruin your health so I hope you come contact Joe and Joseph at Genesis2Church.is think right now we have like but around 10:00 maybe between the both of them interested in maybe half the book paid we’re asking you pay upfront why because we’re going to send you my book and we’re going to send you 50 videos you can start watching things and the people that come if studied already have some really good questions though I’ve noticed that get signed up okay it study it before they get here yeah him please it helps us out figure out do we need a bigger hall or not we’re going to cut it off at 20 Pro each week the max are going to have is 20 okay 20 and we’re giving you like 75 places you could stay yeah and we have people we just said Thanksgiving Donna dinner for five of the people that are here right now and it rest eration we call them students they here right now in fact we’re not having any after the last one leaves next week till February we have one opening in February someone’s coming for a month and I included the seminar you come I’ll include the seminar for you too but that’s it – it’s all happen and now all we’re doing is one-hour video calls every day for 30 days that’s all we’re doing I have one I’m doing right now and Joe will have one and that’s it for the summer and we would we have two openings for January just so you know and don’t wait till you’re sick to do it with showing you or coming down in you’ll be ahead of the ballgame you probably had 10 or 15 years to your life but if he’s learned now let’s get to my favorite time and that’s week from testimonies my own kidneys were cleansed of yeast overload I didn’t even know I had it see you wasn’t even sick until it started leaving my body thanks be to God or I probably would have ended up with high blood pressure in a couple years perfect example I didn’t even put say that before this came up that’s a perfect example Joe I’m still having stuff coming on to me I see it okay whenever you deep talk especially doing liver close the lady with lung cancer here spitting up pieces of tumor now the first month you’re getting your body cleaned out so you go home and you finish they’re going back to hungry the the old guy that daddy had 35 radiation treatments we call him Chernobyl he has pain horrible that no pain says I got days I think I’m completely healed he said man they know what to eat now they know how to do the protocols okay severely diabetic cat that’s just sick to have a diabetic cat yeah the Irani and they live in the jungle why they have diabetes because you’re giving them kennels and bits and all that can shit processed food letting the cat beat and fascinate it and so now you got the kid diabetic the cat but completely recovered after two months and was dying – it says at end-of-life severe lower bowel infection after indulging at the buffets in Las Vegas with much bleeding in the stew I’m not laughing at him but he knows I hate everything a lot because it’s free it’s shit most of it shit it’s free that’s like the health care look and I’m going to do this because it’s free poison myself because it’s free bleeding in the stool much pain usually klaris 6 & 6 protocol Clarence it’s me call that that because she kind of came up with it but if something coming along he gets six drops two hours later six and then do 6 I kind of don’t like 666 so I say seven seven seven or five five five but it’s a stronger dose and that happened all the other day I hit it with my tooth because I’m think it did I dislodge something from maybe an old root canal because even my gland here that’s : so I hit it yesterday I’m hittin all day today after I finished the broadcast that happened with me yeah in Bulgaria when they pulled something out but I think I cracked something and I’m going to go and have that pulled out after the pains gone and have them refill it with which ceramic but you can also leave it open and this is a trick we’ve heard people do they get cam free tea every night twice a day and they get eggshells jo they boil eggs they grind up in powder and they take it to stable spoons of that every day with the kap-40 swishing the mouth and swallow it and they say their teeth are healing and I mean that the cavities are going away these are porous this is why dmoz could go right through this these canada porcelain the not the postal when he called it ceramic album no in their teeth enamel enamel thank you enamel okay so that person three weeks protocol and this even oh there were they stopped everything God and then okay that was scuse me the protocol bleeding so I did it for two days and everything was better then he continued a three-week as a precautionary step and the man that had the same problem with vitiligo it’s called skin discolor ration cleared up completely Jo so I had to be something a pathogen causing those those pigments to be be destroyed and I hadn’t covered entire back no creams from the doctors had any pet impact in three years he’s been doing it gone my children use mms to nip it in the bud any sign of a caller infection of stomachache for children fifteen to twenty three we do that with ourself and kids my daughter who healed two who headed to college recently had titters done for measles now this is probably hitters are probably from South Africa New Zealand or something mumps rubella I think that means that sitters done what is that blockers mumps rubella testing the alternatives came back showing it was a testing zero antibodies she had she had no vaccines but we assumed she had built up the antibodies over a lifetime after exposed to others then I read the judge to judge vaccine protocol and realized that by doing MMS she was reading their body of all remnants of those viruses which would result in zero anybody’s of course she wouldn’t need the anybody’s since she has a strong immune system and MMS this would make it more difficult to get the college we’re thrilled that the MMS is so powerful I continue to recommend MMS to anyone that has an interest praying many blessings upon you and those who assist you marine ok now but you can also find made anybody’s made by the body president to say it once fun an infection do another testimony letter this week my family I used MMS for the past decade as an alternative to conventional medicine decade the only side effects wherever we experience a positive ones Hill symptoms for which we did not attend to intend to apply MMS far disappear we can’t say that about any of the finest Runa protocol from a Sunnah co-products can we here are some of the conditions we had cured ourselves with the sole use of MMS common colds urinary tract infections Candida washed stings swelling subsides subsides and pain relief skin blemishes saga sluggishness and prone to colds and infections MMS detox renews the overall health helping with weight loss to hear other conditions few other natural substances so they got pain lumps in the breast after week MMS took care of it and they had David taking also b-seventeen tablets maybe a night dogs tumor the size of a golf ball vanished after five days taking MMS they had a small and fat pad on the kneecap knee operation was scheduled for my husband two years in meantime we applied MMS to you and so in three weeks until the day of the operation with positive effects on the day of the operation that’s the surgeon declines the procedure stay at the swelling and the infection was not there anymore my husband had eye problems since that’s a good one taking MMS on a periodical basis helped my family and I stay healthy and avoid any negative development we nip all ill conditions in the but by taking MMS at the very early stage I wouldn’t be stating this unless is true God bless you Helen self-care that’s a testimony of self-care that’s we want to get everybody doing Lyme disease Morgellons name Paula hi I’ve been using MMS with some success for Lyme disease and the phone would call Morgellons McKellen’s is a Lyme disease skin condition it affects all the organs in the entire body as well currently I am success I’m having success in getting better while I am not 100% I am on the way this product protocol is great gives the entire fiasco since it started nearly four years ago it’s not only but a nightmare but also it’s highly infectious further MMS is not expensive and this man-made illness has crippled my finances because it involves not only the body but the living space bed linens clothing hair car family medicine etc thanks for all you do and love testimonies like these dear team my kids were taking MMS from four months they were diagnosed with autism and thank God this has been working great as I’m reading the message from Jim Mama’s book I do think my kids are injured from vaccination and thought we could guide on this Thank You Archbishop grunting and sons Bishop John Brennan Bishop Joe but contributing the vaccine protocol for overcoming vaccine injuries in addition mark also developing the MMS one DMSO patch protocol you will continue to be rewarded for your tremendous work in this life and the next man that’s a good one and Helicon allamanda thank you God bless mark i would like to inform you that the reliably salt showed i have no cancer anymore on my bladder Cheers but Cheers Joe it’s cheers cheers Cheers Jesus we got to have Cheers it is the last one I completed I completed the liver flush as directed I could not believe what came out of me there must have been thousands of stones for seven evacuations throughout the day I took the day off for MMS m1 and was happy I planned this on a day off from work yeah I woke up this morning the day after with more energy and feel like a fog was lifted off of me like cleaning or replacing the filters in the car everyone should do this today I’m back on protocol 1000 on week 11 of 16 and I feel like I haven’t done the liver cleanse or greatly enhance the protocol yes it’s like a powerful one-two punch check out the pictures gross but proof they sent them but I didn’t put them in no they didn’t get downloaded thank you fall fall so much for your easy explanations and support people should donate for the video cost and get their hands on all your materials for their self-care see people are getting it Joe it gets frustrating when people don’t want to take responsibility for their well-being it’s hard trying to drag people over the finish line i ford the Quantumleap.is video and your podcasts to people so they can check it out for themselves exactly it’s all I asked you to do please continue with the podcast I look forward to them every week and now is to try and say hello in the comment section oh yeah edson God bless you buddy he’s a reverend almost 2,000 reverence now almost Joe we’re like like 97 I think maybe before I get my book second volume I’ll have 2,000 people signing up take the test yeah true so folks with telling you to get to get to the free ebook the people it’s free get it to me – quantumleap.is all free information yeah if people don’t like it at least you told them well we got kicked off everything dr. Leonard Horowitz wrote me mark I’ve been following you guys I read your books great that gave you a what do you call when they give you a review some of you thank you thinking analyst woods we tell you places you can find this every week because you’ve been thrown off YouTube Twitter Vimeo and we I say get off YouTube get off Google get our vimeo.com get off Facebook just don’t use them or get to other sites like brighteon.com bitchute.com telegram yeah G2Voice group and you got we got emails you get hurt all of us all of us here anything about our church getting sacraments and stuff go to support at Genesis2Church.is you can write me on prior Protonmail.com and Bishop Mark or Joseph at Genesis2Church.is get it and guess I’m putting my the timeline of my book together and we had the video cause remember in DVDs we’re trying to get it to any way we could out watch the protocols there’s two pleasures you can find them watch the testimonies just two places you can find them get the Spanish information get this call I’m this course gets the G2Sacraments.is plus ten of them can I give it to their friends and family with them with the book and the the other information say yeah I give you everything you want to stay healthy get this stuff cool you can see I got a picture of a guy up in the mountains friend of mine up there we take people up to eat he got the best sausages made from the best stuff the real lining meat cooked slow over fire great stuff anyways he’s sick and I’m like why should call me he gives them reception so anyways well I got him on a three-week protocol and we need to go check on him so now we’re going to let mark steal come in we’re going to call him he gets a little than the beginning a little staticky but then it comes out pretty good right so listen to mark steel I believe the guy I believe is an expert in this and I think you should check it out and what other people are saying – so here’s mark not going to call him Joe okay I’m here with Mark steel and someone put me in contact with him or maybe six months ago we’ve been trying to help copies for busy I’ve been busy without getting each other’s messages so fine we hooked up again in fact what was it about two months ago by the podcast we just showed your video that you found on YouTube and you’ve already been mentioned and they’ve watched a video a few months ago but I wanted to talk to you personally because I want you to see you’re a real person and you’re really on the forefront to this but first of all people could ask me well why is Mark steel the expert on this so I want to tell them about yourself and if you have any you know names and numbers at the end da name of doctors any kind of degrees mentioned happened I really don’t care about that I was born with 98.6 degrees and I think that’s not it’s the experience of people that I love – so anyways the Super’s Mark steel it’s exactly the XP are my you know I couldn’t remember the better I’m absolutely correct and nuts you know a lot of these people are coming with certificates and badges believers are not always what I thought that they you do get some clever ones but you also get a lot of them who are fitting in and actually meet them for the material science his background of an engineer and what actually happened I was in Maine and Maine and machinery and I left that job it was in the evenings when everybody got you know there was a massive clearing in the United Kingdom everybody would be ethically massive clear on the main and massive clear of manufacture and this the manufacturing was taken in the Far East and consequently ours I lost that job but I then got a job working at a new facility where there was a secret military weapons facility it was a weapons facility inside a new club well silly and I was a secret project I work on and that was covered in the Mercia so I can’t talk about willfully just to put the point we work with some very high RF equipment now after work without equipment and obviously I was involved in you know me and kin and the elements and some of the other parts in the equipment after work without equipment for a number of years kept very close there was 16 of us for for Monty and we worked on this project for three years and a few years later after that project quite a lot of the people who are kept close to him in order to die leukemia was one of the main things though she had watched this equipment doing some quite interesting things and not absolutely not what we current scientific community we get people say that you know on this non ionizing radiation is none of our not for the spectrum option garbage large was rubbish normally I then went on it I was annoyed and gas industry or because I mean would some of the particle of always had an interest in it but super weapons program of war with our own weapons pharmacy from an engineering perspective etc and I understood about from the weapon systems on the bar spheres some of these emerging microwave radiation colony and feels the rear signal systems are toward the significant risk to part of fields melody that is sorties consequently I distort an inventor invented a number of projects I work on one project from the sub C’s kill you a more corny ve assistance project with or acquiring torpedo system so with on that that wouldn’t subsea project for with and that spoke to creating a bit our own so that always are a massive interesting science anyway because I’m working from the leading you know physicists in the world I would say on the earlier project but quite not acquittal of endless knob things actually begins with a passion but my passion was more radiation the weapon to weapon systems consequently I read quite a lot but identically invent product to mitigate these type of weapon systems on the bottle one of the things I can corn to corn and at the battle spheres if you have sophisticated weapon you’re mean on your opponent’s side it’s the reason for armed missiles and the aam misael we’ve all heard about all it means any radiation missile are the first things when you when the actual travel into an airspace you must take out your enemy’s radar systems so first thing that you try and kick not just kick them out for the even seeing you you all can take them out conic part of it cyst sophisticated weapons deployment the lidar system like the lidar system on the top of the tank now a lidar systems very good at battlefield interrogation however if I’m an enemy combatant and I’ve got a telescopic sight or a pair of binoculars and I’m sitting looking at the top of the tongue and not my dog catches my eye it increases the four-color through the lens and pop sure I oh that’s a reason why and number of the military now you’ve actually got a screen on the gun you don’t use a mechanical sight he’ll have a head-up display well I’ve been fed into quite a number ahead of his fears I’ve got twenty partners so that was how I understood about these sophisticated weapons deployments ok who’s merely interrupt you the other minute so so Jeff he knows restarting about as far as she’s he’s not just down there he does who’s not just kind of distill Assessors experimental research okay so you establish that but something you said to me was really interesting just now because yes I just want to inject this because maybe you don’t know this I’m sure you do but back about 35 years ago I was a missionary pilot and traveling around America raising support to go help people in Nigeria Haiti English with my plane and help people get supplies and things like that so I’m in Montana up in the mountains and there’s a lot of nuclear sites up there in Montana back soon one of the guys that had the key turned the key came down and visit us the public and he was always on calling me they would bring a plain family they needed it if they needed him anyways so I’m in those areas in churches where there’s a lot of military people so one day it’s really called it’s 15 below zero Fahrenheit and we’re living in a little boat with five children and we get these space heaters going it’s really cold it would really but we’d be kind of a supermax we sucked okay we weren’t a busy job now but so you know so one of the guys the father of the passenger system mark I’m a huge house up in the hills here won’t you come sleep up there like you can have a whole downstairs there was a Jabecausezi of man animals are coming up to that beautiful place big mansion and so long story short as we go up they had spent about a week and I have to know this guy one day were having breakfast them in his office having coffee to him and I talking and I said what’s this over here in the desk because it looked like a satellite thing because our next Star Wars project I worked on with with um Lockheed Martin and we also developed the GPS at that time I was involved in that like oh really Wow guess flying a template you know the GPS is a lifesaver you can have one right on your knee and we could use that right because it trying you know this what 28 satellites it locks into so but the interesting thing was I said well that was raging which is one of the things you wanted to do right you guys know they did they got a few up there they’re up there and these lasers can take anything up from a seat lock to a person’s hair on their head and so when you say this I’m thinking of that story so I want a minute do you know anything about would that be true that Star Wars is up there in the sky was it I don’t believe he was lying music got Christian guy that for missionary kids okay let me just ask him if he’s heard anything about that technology what was up late not on suddenly put more salt lake’s rather grumpiest whether that be a see a mirror in the sky so what you do use a grown theist one of well it’s a bit like rather than arising weapon system or you give you bouncing off a satellite and depending on the configuration of the satellite a lot of satellites because obviously the PL or I’m going to lot of peer look so you can’t get a lot of beaten potatoes in the in the equipment so what the Archon still use a brown biased system they bounce a signal or not signal then functions but for business is an issue so that’s why you these weapon systems these iPhone weapon systems probably atlas some giving mood swings so when you watch the videos of they do the direct energy weapons being used in California I can tell you now not with a smoke screen it was a small because most you probably it’s the sweet spot is 10 gig you know it’s ended but the sub gig in its range that’s the really powerful thing because it doesn’t get a lot so much in a consequent you so gigahertz weapons or the father or the most powerful it’s a it’s not the right thing to see them was powerful but let’s see the most capable word for it there’s so gigging it’s on a lot more capable of doing quite a bit more damage from what you do use a ground away the lava massive from the rear you be model to the satellite the satellites got some focus and patient and it logic p.m. it to a ground grumpiest orbit well so so you have that capability I’m sure you know about you know what is it huh up there in Alaska there’s one in Puerto Rico and you can even see now and images when doing people’s clouds you can see the ripple effects as a pilot this unbelievable different cloud structures that don’t exist between earthquake bromley hell yeah just before the the earthquake in Haiti there was a big as we were there some missionaries over an 80 saw this big beam in the sky there was the evening before that yeah and they say they were collaborating that the plates off the coast of Haiti and actually gave them that the big earthquake because they were looking for oil I don’t know what the reason is false flag trying to take over the oil from Haiti or the Gulf yeah so we were idea during that earthquake but in fact my son his brother fell down I was in San Domingo they they closed the main sub buzzer they close to someone because they thought it was a huge earthquake so yeah we see this all around us and I have a young meter you know because I’m their cell tower not too close but probably the best thing to do is explain the hurts people don’t understand hurts the vibrations and sine waves and modified sine waves and however yeah I would affect your grades to correct your brain this affect your nervous system I think that would going to be good to explain why this is so bad at the 5g technology that’s coming out of it his Trump is pushing it because they’re going to make a lot of money with it because then you could put on a pair of glasses and now that’s your cell phone you look at something to identify the yeah what is it well first first and foremost they’re not going to make any money five g’s of weapon system in all its technical parameters it’s only here to kill not yet make any morning for anybody that’s why movements are having to fund it telecommunications companies actually be enforced in the deploy units the energy companies are being forced into deploying smart it has in fact just last week there’s an energy company in the united kingdom now threatening to kick its licence of it because the world if somebody doesn’t want you know a new customer to UM what a smart without you would install one more supplement or threatening with a license that also finding the energy companies if the two and fit them so the force and the energy companies a great expense obviously it’s the postmaster pier for obviously it’s just another form of taxation but I force this on the telling the telecommunication telecommunications companies have got Noah Purvis talking there 5g transmit and some town were two hundred population the government’s are forcing them to do it in the countryside supposedly for autonomous tractors Paul’s one of his theories it is a total and absolute fabrication I can tell you how I knew of that if I was to 3d map the city not what this equipments careful of 3d muffin foods urban be at all basically given me at all I was going to scan a city scale they’d get a capacity that I need is massive I’ve got anything there already used and the maximum of God you need power stations to generate each collection ten us for the racks is a lot of energy intensive consequently oven colony so the burden of this 3d virtual reality but I’m not the energy or the racks is again a capacity the storage so what that tells you is what I’ve always been seeing five G and all its technical on his weapon system atmosphere frequency inaudible frequents before everything operates that is specific frequency every molecular structure and your body of concrete the wood everything operates yes just anything because there’s no particles no such things apart it’s an energy wave form so its energy and the all of operate at a specific frequency if I call actual frequency band or with microwaves and I started pulled you leave them so that the lower end and the higher end I just thought that this associate the molecular structure the molecular bonds were already seeing that in nuclear power stations whether it close proximity cities where the cities are get lots of smart meters and the smallness of breaking down the concrete formed wall now fatiguing the stainless steel jackets the stainless steel pumping equipment and breaking down and also for energy it they react at all because they stood gigahertz troubles with ease through reinforced concrete steel it costs us to view pretty quickly and basically he choked you know if I 3/8 the water molecule where they stood in concrete and brick work we’ve all seen the bridge have you hit it at a certain frequency and it starts to fall to pieces well that’s little something in a certain resonant frequency so if you’ve got hundreds of thousands and these smart meters all talking off she went small beat us for his key amount but it is part of the prior to deployment for his weapon system when this moment has first came out the energy cooking’s were saying it reports one to be a PNG Smita report 60,000 times so 180,000 tons of da so why wouldn’t anything cook we want to be at the find out how much any to use the hood it doesn’t come here running it does the same thing it it’s not for that and if you look at the capacity the capacitance in is small it doesn’t have seen them phone to to barod I mean what talking EMP weapon here the magnetic pulse weapon and nuts what was so important and that’s what they don’t want people to know that’s why they put the Jews off whether you saw the direct energy weapon it is small screen what they don’t want people would work out if after your room full of small secret won’t lie dormant and residential of technology equipment and then all this equipment I can access remotely so I come in remotely they’ve all got more access points switch them all on turn the model and then I’ve got a large capacity upon the hope so you won’t have theorized you yet tell me our city to be absolutely all it means art and if you look at the features in paradise that’s what happened yeah I’d reached the trees are touched shaft right there let me ask you this before we get into the vibe because people think what we have now is saying well this is what I’ve heard so I asked the guy where’s your cell phone the people of domain with the technology today even the old ones with the antennas I could send the signal talk from cell phone a cell phone because all it needs is millivolts and these repeaters which is something maybe extended but you could talk within a city among yourself just himself on a cell phone we don’t need these huge repeaters being fed by one hundred two hundred thousand locked cables my ridiculous explain that somebody India they normally I needed with feeding station so what technology was development instead who I’m going to see it 1g 2g 3G and 4G or all for telecommunications they’re not seeing it or telecommunications in fact that mobile device there Samsung is there Zacchaeus in the u.s. at the moment where Samsung enough it’s a class action against the phone manufacturers because the fund a mitten 500% increase then the FCC 1.6 watts per kilo is standard now that’s not it’s not see it don’t tell anybody had said but I’m going to tell you from a product development perspective it is impossible to build a product because you build a product to the standard you cannot in the trunk be on that stand that capability it’s impossible so that tells you there’s something very nefarious and because the OP or the smart T if you imagine in the house if I could come into my house number five and then switch them all on the more we turn them all up tune your small TV a small crew a smart fridge walk yeah and then I’ve got a late must with these massive capacity on it on it on a stick and they’re watching you having sex with your wife from your Smart TV record everything the fiber optics to Wow so we got to find you now I have seen where the trees all around the fine cheese is dead you know the back wall the ivy plants dead within a certain radius of these poles and saying do not stand five minutes longer than five minutes within five feet of this wall and then put in funding sources how much radiation and they really put radiation do not need a lot of radiation cause significant harm confront some other new are power densities dependent on the frequency and I’ll explain you how that happens you you have a number of cells in your body and you’ve got a number let’s see potential dielectric potentials in let’s here I saw it so far favor signaling you like muhmmad the the German rear door system the frequency as it and as the eye then the I the interior of the I acted as a dielectric lens so nutty forest the radiation so that when in the I didn’t come out found strong and saying the ice were the more like he got in there the more you started create so that energy that was criminologist increased and increased and increased and fertilizer and near one that was more powerful at all about this since the two hundred mayor from the time was it was it was a pretty powerful piece of equipment put up keeping nothing nothing like do why do you tell us whose 14 towers can kill as far as they can see you can see that toe up they can kill you they can see right up to the horizon you can see right open the ride and because it would offset signal punch what to call the beam we about that attract a Butte and have weeds and depending on it could be you know ear 200 million pulses a second a lot faster than what your camera and see so and actually seeing you but striking you till this beam with long see it locks on you can see it because either your mobile device fall nonua particulates have you’ve got none reporting its aluminium none of the particulates in your body I can also see you so that allows me to map you and then I can just so all this Jam trailing the barium the aluminum mercury so that seems to be in the vaccines aluminum the also lets me set you on fire little bit easier if I want to be arising you’ve got lots of aluminium particulates put a good on me but I’m not great yeah it just of the Alcoa plant sodium fluoride so so mark so we got this all around us we have reason why haven’t you understood let people know around the world again hey we’ve got to stop this stuff okay then let’s say that the companies will be a prize not bright forced to do this by the military-industrial complex around the world and we bring it down to basically the five eyes you know the treaty between England America Canada New Zealand Australia there they’re all basically in this five ice Treaty of technology medical they all stick together banking and anything so they’re really the problems the other ones in pushing it honestly you say the most developed right what do we do i him and i talking about buying farm or go into the mountains if we’re going to try to get away from the city waste before ever the 5g because we want to raise our own milk you know we just want to live more self-sufficient anyone’s but the average person in the city’s this room this is only the player in the floor the scheme is to kill all biological life on the planet this is a spiritual war it’s not I mean if you had said this couple years ago at me I think you were crazy but I’ve looked with the capacity of the equipment this is to kill everything it’s to kill all the pollen Ian as you’ve got no funniest wonder of food anybody because obviously our store is some US military excellently people who are digging tunnels underground supposedly for the elite and what I was telling the guy I said and well that’s not going to work and he said well why is that they’re going to come back out when everybody’s dead us and well or not I says if I take the only nuclear reactor like you know when to New Orleans an ordinary hit the war appear though if it had a hit the water table woulda killed a hundred million people across Europe that ionizing radiation was still mostly Europe would still be toxic to life now you’ve got a number of nuclear power stations you’ve got British Columbia where the fatigue in the concrete bond War understand base the kuribon wall is fractured the pulse modulation from the small as the increase in this smart sitting scared and the hub him starting sure it’s near start he pulls me up as of now let’s put it like this so you’ve got new of specialist because it’s a specialized job the mechanics the mill rates the people who are in that nuclear facility who one being ten and then cool and the reactor so you have lost them they’re dead just kill them off for the 5g who’s going to repair fix the reactors once those reactors cooler don’t believe this is nobody there when the Russians when the Chernobyl went down the appalled homeless had tons of lead drop it from a helicopter in the reactor to try and disappear the heat if that we are Accord hit the war appear though oh you’ve got a ionizing radiation there in the water kill millions sure anybody thinks that could have gone that ground and height from this affiliates is less than earning these minions do you think you’re going on that ground going to try and survive this well everybody else dies when you’re going to come up with it to the Garden of Eden I’m telling out didn’t take it out on the conciliation because I’m nuclear power stations now the people let’s see in there who are behind this so this is spiritual walk me a key it all God’s creation what it all that kiddo oh you know about the core the Georgia Guidestones right in Georgia I mean you have six huge 2014 15 to 20 foot rock monuments continents like the ten commandments of the New World Order first one says maintain population under 1/2 billion the first thing and we know that the depopulation these Bill Gates talking about the UN Agenda 21 this is all fitting in he’s not some doomsday prophet this has been around for years people – he’s just exposing this side of it there’s all kinds food they’re killing us with we deal with you know with MMS Koine oxide we deal with detox of the body and I’m dealing with someone now that’s at 35 radiating treatments and what’s really cool about chlorine dioxide it’s taking out the radiation poisoning out of this type of body it’s amazing you know you might not know this but Jim Humble wanted to design the formula for what we do chlorine dioxide one day I’m talking to him he’s just a genius guy and he goes my focus you just happened someone called us thrown us that’s related to the prime minister and we they want me to to know if I can take care of this radiation well he wasn’t just learning the oxide she was assaulted he was involved in getting gold out of water getting rid of them the toxic come what is it arsenic they use what is the poison is when they pull out a goal anyways you just give it water and get great their company covering see since my council I know how to get rid of radiation like why because watch and he sent me on this quest to go buy coke from the steel plants you know the childrenís the lining of its called coke and it’s heated up to 6000 degrees so it can take that death temperature right now he goes give me some I think was potassium some nitrate difference actually use of fertilizer and stuff and he says then give me give me twenty smoke detectors and give me 20 of those Coleman lamps that’s made haaa thermal thermite what was it alright it he gets Thurman he says he put those together you just we had a climate continent and we put it in this can really strong kid and it was like the time encounters going nuts he said it’s all radioactive stuff okay now what he goes watch so he put a little bit of this coke a little bit of this mineral that mineral this arrow certain mixture and then we lit it with a torch remember we put the stuff with the stuff before he lit torch back I had to stand back about fifty feet in my compound Dominican Republic that can wind up like a challenge and it lit up like one of those big our blood step for a grand opening about a cinema or something right straight up in the sky lit up incredibly then about three minutes in imploding on itself joy and whatever we went over we hit this on video Jim I still had it as we went over and checked it radiation God so they said that the person that was talking to us from Japan and they said but 207 two hundred million dollars will come in there we’ll get it all collect prints not burn it you know disappear from the earth and twenty million that’s what probably needed we’ll probably use that they’re not Church them to do things and cure malaria hundred percent of the time anyways they said no they sold it to a friend of theirs the prime minister for two billion dollars and all they’re doing is putting in cans that are already falling apart next to the reactors so June wrote a book about this so I think you’ll be interesting how basically you have the heat radiation whatever is radioactive to 6000 degrees and then wipes it up and he’s approved in front of me and I’m sorry and that might be something for you and with your engineering zero right yeah it’s called zero fusion a book by Jim Humble interesting huh anything like a spokesman margination spiria convention slot exposing well I’m a carbon-carbon we out there see you at two disassociation reactor the reason why I invented it because I was actually I was working for the larger oil and gas company and I was in under the conference both his carbon capture carbon reduction in carbon capture project launched in oil and gas industry variant as did not Pizzuti in London before the price of so anyway we were at this conference and the time I was pretty high up in the organization as a contract and one of the things people have to understand if you’re working for the company you’re not at the top of the tree top the tree guys are almost off ticket always on the contract because until you get attending the card no I was a contractor and I was tasked to do this into this particular conference anyway arms out the confidence and I’m thinking this is a complete view or the movie I mean crazy but I knew about certain frequencies a new book or BL in farming and I thought I might clear the cracks in you of to write a certain frequency put some we operas like in the Crockett telling me chemical its invention distinct and it would flu pops off the way out of the scientists is it happened I met him on a plea and go in Geneva just by chance jeordy guide I’m swimming to see mmm years me strive to a university Mohammed chat and I wanted to keep it off to one side I didn’t want to tell people I was working for so what I did I’m like this guy is we have access to strive to a university the number other universities around the cookie in the world as you know how the oil and gas groups those for certain projects and logicals get on the phone and ring people off so I’d run this car you could off to one side and I said listen I said I’ve got an investor I’ve got a bit of an island he I said you know anybody at Strathclyde who knows about molecular reactors and he said well aren’t you I build them speedos in the core within two PS hope there was something did a feasibility study in lieu of the world I was right it could work Tony we are partnered it we could not be as the finance impossible because it don’t want to fixing or – don’t want to fix it it’s calm and I knew well I knew it was a scam in the first years but it I mean even a biggest in it time one of my friends very funny working at it could we lots of money for projects he was one of the leading technologies for one week for this particular large oil and gas company and he couldn’t reason couldn’t be as the wherewithal to do the research in the billion short rule type some were tested him into a power station flu then was going to work a fluid dynamics try defining the whole thing was great idea couldn’t be in some money and would actually do the portion feasibility appear but exercise feasibility study under work so i meanwhile had all the elements of a guar and couldn’t raise the money enough to leave the dorm water fixing you up to see you at Unga scan all resilient cities agenda the rule thing is one massive scan so they can introduce this smart city resilient city agenda and basically kill everybody because that’s what I’m going to do they’re going to following it as all like that’s what my plan is now fuchsia people why would the walk why would they want to kill it why would I want to kill everything well unfortunately the entity were talking about then it’s God it’s consequent of course want to kill a being God had his hand in biological life makes perfect sense to me there isn’t an end here what actually happened you’ve got a lot of people who’ve been four into you know where the satanic or devilish type people where the for in today school thank you Bill kids want to reduce the global population of 5 million i’ma tell you know the Georgia Guidestones George against ones or if we stop 5g we don’t stop by gene that might be exactly where they’re going to use to wipe out the world and I mean I’m I’m a missionary preacher I will teach history not world history everything but Isis it’s all mentioned in history – this is going to happen if we let it out there you go it’s just like what we do like we’re getting hit from all sides because we’re curing people with you know and all the people that don’t want the cure for malaria just malaria forget everything else are the exact same people involved in this my TIGI technology exact same people that are on the back in International Settlement but here that run all the money’s all the world’s money same people in City of London people don’t realize that two separate country from Great Britain yet this is a representative sitting at the Parliament from them in the Washington DC and the Vatican they why would the Vatican have a telescope called Lucifer now these people of God these people have they telling you right in your face this is my favorite telescope but it’s not Lucifer maybe he’s supposed to be a Godson no maybe the God of this world that’s her son you are so we know it’s a spiritual battle why will you insist we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against spiritual wickedness in high places so you being hit I mean are they threatening your life what kind of things that they told you shut up how’d they tell you that you know all the inventions are part of it you know you think about some sort of you know inspiration but the bit I was telling you about before the carbon-carbon crack on the reactor that I invented I had a US military actually West military still in the US government for excellently in the US government contact me awhile ago and she said you’re the kind come to about fly Gina said yeah why she said I want to show you something cause she’d been in telecoms military telecoms for many years and she said I want to show you something I want you to tell me what you think it is anyway she sends the picture this reactor hung on a telegraph pole in the US it had a big cool up I know she again tricky hop it was reactors if you you know you put a bit energy into them and she sent she sent us a picture and I said is it you know what it is I said yeah no it is I said it’s my invention yeah molecular reactor she said well I knew it wasn’t telecoms so knew it wasn’t telecoms because I’ve been in telecom for years military stuff she said it’s depth you know telecoms I seen nurses who was mediated us I says it’s happen as a flu that actually sucks the air up as you heat it up it stops air through Department I said if it used 60 gigahertz that would disassociate the oxygen molecule and you have oxygen up and porn out the top which will mix with other oxygen molecules which causes two or three the North where you’ll kill all biological 854 million I said gosh I mean at least I’ve got a we’ve got to talk to quite web system I live a decent it just lately could negotiate because that’s what this piece of equipment is it’s a reactor and I know that the 60 gigahertz is part of the spectrum that they’re going to allow the industry to use for 360 gigahertz is useless for telecommunications but you caught the signal would travel in here because in traveling it because the frequency gets caught the oxygen molecule rather get in trouble in there consequently um I’ve given this free license to the industry to use 60 Giga it’s I mean it’s just it’s billion it’s in it’s in your fears and you know it’s it’s a bit like the tacit agreement they’re expecting people just to sit back and let them kill you now surely not going to kill you going to kill you and in peace we need to get organized people the resistance and we need the fight I’m tell you no no we’re tight corpses survive gee people think it has to do with a million searches a fifth generation right yeah just so people are listening what you mean there’s a big ignorance might be good no fifth generation and you’re saying it’s not 60 gigahertz right well the flight the 5g is a significant number of technologies autonomous cars tele care you’ve got or anything that has a transmitter one of the main points and five key is the antenna design if I get an antenna welcome for mr. signal to a scanner anything that me it off so you know these rates where you going past the light and it’s got a scanner on it so it actually sees you walking past the light comes on that’s why G the technical parameter this specific techno plummet four five genes with orbital antenna the rear door scanner that’s it’s that’s the main technical um another check the planets for the spectrum for this spectrum Wayne out all of its second from others in the main technical plumber is densification just means more matter water got will be exactly we’re not really a 1g 2g 3G 4G don’t it’s got that antenna design it can be funky it is funky because what that is the densification is from it electromagnetic pulse weapon the more that equipment the more make me of radiation are for a new sentence give the more I’ve got to clears my creating more energy I’m porn in there just framing the buildings and praying the city for the EMP my team so five teen all its second prominence the weapon but nothing to do with telecommunications act okay if this was a fire chief or they would have column eiated antenna a weird yeah call me at the antenna we’re but creates a beam with before that late tonight over there well I’m I’m working what if I’m telling over there and its promise to behead WBA possibly give you three and injury or kill you and that’s why you haven’t seen any Samsung tested one will burn burst into flames 5g forms the tested them up I haven’t even developed the fire chief or ambitionally this one the court on fire Jesus so they’re building out the 5g the equipment pretended the people it’s got something if it was your food or your autonomous cop the autonomous cars aren’t coming it’s a smokescreen it’s yeah there’s no faggy phones yeah so what we could call mark is used a whistleblower you’re the 5g whistleblower they’re not blowing smoke and we need to let people know mark I’m dying in this is a we’re in the thick of this stuff I’m not sure Alex Jones if you get the beautiful on this show I was on the show last night watch the somebody said in the video of the three elements the light well I break down the light and that split the people water weapon is and how that light mask and system it’s not a light its mass community late for the touching weapon so I was going to get it on again going back walk said before God put me in gear said for a reason because geared said it is the gear head it wasn’t get it that emblem is a good head it’s a satanic saying Sun excite and this is the epicenter the epicenter of the tectum the mob see in the kill grid what happened the kid said we want one of the first tests sent us started in 2011 had a 23% increase in stroke 5 massive increases in cancer deaths we’ve got the highest infant mortality in the country and the Senate will next in our next clip them exactly what’s causing it it’s murder you know my number broken the contract with God oh God fuck see God give up give up Dominion lack give up the minion cake is see it in dominion whoever they stood on one provider of today how do you sound women expel weeds in himself was really bad my song but the visualizations always pardon sound or was bad you know unfortunately is one of them things I you know I eat I’ve got two different computers visuals are always the same oh she’s got some you know it’s somewhere in the server when I trying to disrupt their communications sure I believe you can’t the orbit get those mitigated technology tablet with a few missed some Russian equipment some Chinese equipment we’re in setup as humans resonance frequency around you but it’s not it’s not a panacea it’s not going to fix Y G because the same people who are behind this the don’t kill you with an EMP I mean if our favorite EMP you did about what equipment you’ve got laugh wrong you pull the house down on top of you yeah so Rick’s I’m going to kill you and you know a lot of behind this you you know let’s see they’ll get themselves you know man come shoot you use the normal munitions because it you know that this is it this is a devilish plot to kill like I said it’s running away from it that’s why I really just doing give a rat’s I’ve been you know fuck myself in the public domain for quite when now First Lord virzal because obviously I’ve never been a religious person ever in fact whenever I was in a church I stick with the church’s you know probably a wedding or something like I couldn’t get out and they look like somebody flintiness I just couldn’t wait to get out now unknown why don’t you God walk in here and he knows what no churches really star we’re a non-religious church and we’re mainly Bible believers because of the history of the Bible women it’s a historical part explain history if you break it up I – his story his story of what happens in the world and it’s all them and this might be the exact what they’re going to you that wipe out that the human race are trying to but it’s so you get up in a month you are safer right I’ve already have to be with this vehicle you might have to go up there now I’m laughing but it’s not funny it’s not funny it’s we can’t math about this because this is sick they be put out movies warning us you know because they they like to tell you what they’re doing and happens so we’ve all known God before God they could say we told the world they didn’t listen in fact you told them to and they didn’t listen so you know that’s going to be deployed and took great white throne judgment one day right here right now we’re dealing with radiation poisoning you weren’t getting it out of this kind of body we’re getting out with the chlorine dioxide but this is beyond this job you told me they do surgery well they had some kind of technology with 5g they could do surgery or the human body with it I just you know that well you could you can cut stainless steel with Aliza and that’s in the 919 radiation for the spectrum so you know and I mean if you try and cut stainless steel with option you sadly in porn or energy it’s not good I mean I’ve done that as well and surley is as it’s the pulse modulation the light frequency that cuts through steel and steel where you’re hitting at these specific frequencies and this is all part of the weapons program and it’s about waiting and over the world spectrum so you know we’ve probably got a few year but I’m pretty confident we win because God always wins yeah my office wins however people not going to survive this for the ones out of look and get with a program that people are all going to survive or they live like this well that dead anyway know that this is the office from the dead will meet in the mall I had a prophet contacted me from Scotland she said I need to find out who did you what what sort of involvement leonhardt with his son the see of us now movement and I said well we’re set with couldn’t get to all of the political groups in the country are all behind five years so I said we decided we couldn’t clear one off against the other cause I’m all in it together so we set up this political movement called save us now but it’s the solvent so the emblem is the Sun and it’s waking humanity from their sleep sitting is your contract and sure I really do need a talk here checking out went on the four justices questions and she said it you and I said because you mean it’s nation when your mark but say well in our moment involved she said is it really mo and yes marks me really if she said to mark the Covenant to ISTEP the mark it’s the agreement that God would God it’s not what yeah i mean ii me and steel and steel means sword it’s the sword of light and truth because all their eyeballs hearded liars I’ve always hated injustice and I’ve never been religious and I’ve never be me now you listen this is a video you might want to watch as it tons of people belong yesterday it’s called to hell and back five atheists no 16 years few of them were doctors and they all I’m not going to do with God or anything villages and what happened to when they each clinically died and even one of the guys doing the narration his name is son Rawlings dr. Rawlings he died he was a doctor and he’s explaining clinical death why that you can die clinically and still come back to your body it was really amazing it really one of the guys I know use a wicked guy I think you know him but he went to his church in Knoxville Tennessee and back dr. Rawlins watch that man it’s been amazing but I think God got you for time I think he’s got us with time we always say God didn’t doesn’t brings you home to us God brought us to Jim Humble say Jim let’s get this out to the world in a way where they can’t screw with us we’re doing it as a church it’s our sacrament we detox that body and what we do and I get 10 testimonies a week we read on a radio every week and I got 30 or 40 lined up the weeks to come I just keep putting them in the same document cutting about every week people cancers autism HIV malaria hundreds of thousands they put three of our guys in jail a few months ago we do study we cured these malaria in one hour you shouldn’t be month of the blood but chlorine dioxide well all people that jacked us I’m interested in Merck pharmaceuticals collapse coats dr. Smith Kline Google is put algorithms against us doing something YouTube Twitter Facebook everywhere The Drudge Report covered it The Guardian made the neurotoxin Fox News everybody was warned FDA was told to put up something against us I go to seminars and cameras are out front telling where a bleach cult with killing people with bleach yet they use this mop in purifying water cans all the meats fruits and vegetables you don’t have to wash it up then use it in hospitals that killed hand products worldwide too many were they using we and they drink it we do it it’s called a sacrament or we stop doing people in the coming afters because he’s the same people that are developing a malaria vaccine when Bill Gates who the UN Red Cross we did a study they were there and they denied it afterwards we killed hundred fifty four people in one day I think of eleven and two one extra day out there like today’s blood test before and after and they said we made it up so in March this year I did it again in the same country and they lock those guys up someone paid someone up but now they’re out update workout after week they just don’t call it some stop but it’s a big scam same things going to happen to the one you know they might was a little mafia exactly nothing is going to get out of the media the mainstream media it’s going to be guys like us Alex Jones Mike Adams you know people that are alternative one of your guys nearing in Ireland is it yeah Sean something has a radio station he’s pretty alternative do you know what I’m talking about I have been as a radio station I think they can be seen without the bad but English you’ve been on some other places too we put up some of your videos we’re doing everything we can to JJ vacuum it with you you’re in your honor anybody speaking the truth these days about their own life and their own reputation to me is a hero yeah we’re talking the issue I’ve seen his weapon believe it it’s when I came across it by chance well kids at all happened by chance because I’m a bit of it I’m a bit of a fool you type of character and there was one of the Layton guys a lot of the kids will have the newest beat where I live and I’ve measured the radiation in the lady’s bedroom she was southern nosebleeds and I realized with these trans men as I get the documents from the council I knew what wasn’t what the able to see and it was but obviously I couldn’t – but then I came back obviously they were getting smart and destroyed them where the transmitters were and I came back one night and there was it just the chance was it I was early in the fear and I was walking down one the lake and Gardens there and I said wow I’m just preparing this said do you not know our cz equal killer theory and he started a lot but I wasn’t I was being serious I said I’m not you know I’m not kidding love me and he said don’t be ridiculous he said I’ve been fitting them for ten yet well I’m truly before he Elias when I put on you this was steered in the yard and I knew the young bean fit more ten years so that’s when I blew I hunted on video but put it aflame Valachi blumenstock kidding me come off the thing come on he come down the thing he – he is through the thing I doesn’t mouth jumped in the format I’m weird and she run away and anyway he got me hands on it and you know how to dial it with lens once I knew what it was I knew signal I didn’t realize then it was a targeted quite weapon system and not what it isn’t settled man wrong we have to just keep going and we’ll we’ll we’ll have you on again in fact tell us if by any new developments keep me impressed we can even share different places you’ve been on and get just word on man keep God we’re praying for you we all have a this is a spiritual battle even with your healing this body body it’s a spiritual battle why not go to the creator of all and ask him for help and stay away from his evil stuff your Queen of England she’s a lizard and not giving lots of confidence to realize that we’re going to win this we win this is God never loses yeah if you hadn’t created and I hadn’t the bathroom and the equipment probably there’s probably a few militant guys who could substantiate I mean I have had a few thought the old woman of the Official Secrets our project I was involved with that would come them the fish and secrets our children wouldn’t be affected by what I’m talking about now so I’m not breaking any laws in fact I’d be breaking God’s law by not telling people there you go I am saying nothing is legally love on the rank that’s morally wrong I don’t give this laws they have insane this is listen no I think you can’t speak up morally it’s not against God’s but the kids God’s moral laws you have to line the sheep to hide it then there’s it’s dangerous it’s evil it’s evil truth is not as good okay no matter what truth needs to get out keep doing today not saying anything you’re accepting what they’re doing to keep doing it buddy we’re back again we’re with you God bless you we’ll pray for him mark Steele thank you for being on and we’ll be talking to you again sometime real soon God bless take care okay so you heard from mark a great guy think he’s an honest guy yeah I think you should follow and listen to some of his other he’s got a thick strong accent strong accent I saw he does say y’all he he’s talking about where he’s from him I had two took me a while to figure out when he was saying what was the name of Tom Green’s I don’t know guys I it heights man they stopped gates I didn’t know all these diamonds thought it was a company but it’s where he’s from and but love the guy like the guy I think he’s a hero he’s a hero and he’s even telling me about God’s I’m going to eat theists my whole life I think God’s in this like well that’s good yeah heading down the right back bro and I got to talk to about some stuff and who he is you tell me if he’s if he’s um qualified or not then I got some more information about on Wikipedia Joe they’re just kind of like promoting all the countries going to have it in the country in the companies they’re going to have in any country Wikipedia I like you’re going to be kidding me gets the health concerns or comedian its way down but I pulled up a few things that are right there saying yeah this could hurt people and all that then I put in a bunch of references of all things of people saying it can do to you hell yeah LA Times put out an article about that so check it out baby’s environment I mean a lotta Lotta I bet you 30 or 50 50 articles so I pulled those out too so you can do research folks we’re trying to help is dangerous if you don’t do it it’s up to you so you can stuff about frequencies of time ultrasounds wife eyes we have just studies ringing in the ears I remember when we were in Africa recently to a country wall mentioned middle nowhere I had no ringing in my ears I remember that we had no reception there was nothing nothing to complete Silas took a couple days but once we came to where we were getting to once we got to where we going and I think everybody should have us come to countries like that we got there I’m going to tell the story just not going to say where it’s at because I don’t want to implement the characters we come in there we walk through customs police greet us they give up giving our passports they mean it’s outside they’re already stamped you walked everything police that’s going to find two vehicles put our stuff in anyway I brought to a beautiful mansion and that was great it was like we did our job we did our job we left that country when enough to treat 10,000 people don’t know if they’re going to do it and that’s the sad part of the story but we did I thought okay maybe one day I’ll be able to tell you maybe one day we’ll be invited back that’s why I’m not saying where it was that yeah okay but amazing okay and I’ll tell you they’re working overtime to shut us up shut us up all right so Joe follow this material listen to it do your due diligence and practice self-care everything’s in the description Joe one more plug for the seminar get people to pay quick so we can know yes the upcoming seminars here in Santa Marta Colombia February 15th and 16th in English and you can contact Joseph at Genesis2church.is If you have any interest in coming so have a great week everybody and take care, God bless

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