15 questions with Clement Lim – Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) student

Hi Clement, hi!
Where are we? We are at Cumberland campus Faculty of Health Sciences. Where is your
favourite spot on campus? The Oval, it’s a place where I can relax my mind. What are you studying here? occupational therapy. Why did you choose an
occupational therapy degree? To empower others in the best way I can. Where you nervous or excited before you started your degree? A mix of both
actually, this is a new experience for me. Describe an occupational therapy
degree in three words – inspirational humbling and fulfilling. What’s your
favourite subject? Neuroanatomy, it is fun. What is
the one thing that surprised you about university? The autonomy you get. Have
you been on clinical or work placement? Yes, for one week. Where? At Liverpool
Hospital, at a cardiology ward. Besides studying what do you do on your days off? I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. Anything else? I play a lot of
computer games. What’s your favourite computer game? That’s a tricky one, Boarderlands 2. What’s your favourite thing about occupational therapy?
Supporting others holistically. What’s your one piece of advice
to someone wanting to study occupational therapy? Go for it, I got to go for class,
see ya! Discover your future in health.

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