10 Scientific “Facts” That Were Proven Wrong In 2018

10 Scientific “Facts” That Were Proven
Wrong Any idea how science progresses? We try to disprove what we already know and
if we are able to do it, we learn the “new” truth and if we can’t, we learn that we
already knew the truth! So basically science leaves room for mistakes,
how else do you expect new learning? We grew up listening to certain theories that
were believed to be true but over the years we have learnt how wrong our assumptions were. If we look at it like an advancement instead
of a subject for mockery, we have a great deal of data to reflect upon and learn from
it. So are you ready go back in time to laugh
at our inaccuracies and celebrate the spirit of science? Number 10. Goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds
It’s been years since goldfish keepers are hearing that this little fish has a memory
span of not more than 3 seconds. This “fact” has been proven wrong after
scientists conducted a few experiments to train the goldies and see how much they remembered! An experiment was conducted where a sound
was played when the fish were fed and once the fish were trained according to the sound,
they were left in the wild. After 5 months they were brought back, the
same sound played and the fish gathered at the same spot for their food! This proves that goldies have a memory of
at least 5 months! Number 9. Telegony
We are talking about a theory of heredity, prevalent among the Nazis so you can expect
something weirdly interesting! So this theory states that an offspring can
inherit the characteristics of a previous mate of the female parent. Nazis believed that an Aryan woman who has
had intercourse with a non-Aryan man can no longer bear “pure” Aryan child due to
this theory! Imagine if it were true, some of us would
be looking like our dead step-father, with whom we have no blood relation. The thought is very unsettling! Number 8. Lightning doesn’t strike the same place
twice We have all heard this from our ancestors
and grew up believing in it, right? While this fact may have been true for that
time, it holds no importance today because statistical data proves otherwise! Since lightning tries to reach the ground
as quick as possible, it is understandable why tall buildings and trees experience the
risk. As per stats, lightning can and will strike
the same place more than once, especially if it is closer to the sky! You aren’t safe in your high rise apartment
even if it has already been once struck by lightning, the risk has just INCREASED! Number 7. Neanderthals and Humans Didn’t Mix
The next time you have an urge to call someone a Neanderthal, keep it in check because you
yourself are a descendant of them! A quick look in the mirror will help you shut
up! Sorry, we went too far but it isn’t entirely
incorrect! Recent studies have shown that modern humans
mated with Neanderthals who mysteriously died out about 30,000 years ago. Humans and their ancient neighbors had 99.7%
DNA same which is a bit more than we have in common with our closest relative chimpanzee! They might not be our ancestors but a small
bit of their DNA runs in us, shocking! Number 6. Gum takes 7 years to digest
At least once you have cried yourself to sleep thinking about the chewing gum you just swallowed
because it will take 7 years to digest! Relax people, even though your stomach cannot
break a gum the way it breaks other food, it does not mean the gum will stay in your
system for that long! The sugar may be digested but the gum raisin
is pushed through the tract by the gut. The scary journey ends with a trip to the
washroom, simple! Are you relieved now, in all senses? Number 5. Fingers swell from water
We have all seen our fingers wrinkling after they have been too long in water, particularly
after a nice swimming class. While many have believed the reason to be
absorption of water which causes swelling and ultimately wrinkling, this isn’t how
it works! Actually the body just narrows blood vessels
by contracting their muscles while in water which cause them to look wrinkled. The explanation might be simple but absorbing
water is what comes first to our mind, right? Number 4. Sunflowers follow the sun across the sky
Come on, we have all believed this one and if you aren’t in touch with science then
you still believe this! It is interesting to know that the sunflowers
don’t follow the sun across the sky as we all know as a “fact” and rather always
point towards east! Though part of this factoid is true because
tiny buds do follow the sun to allow the soon to be flowers to know the right direction,
we can’t agree to the statement completely. Flowers train themselves to point a certain
way, aren’t they genuinely smart? Number 3. Bulls are driven mad by red
Why does a bull charge at a matador? We have all believed that the bull is agitated
by the red cape that the matador holds, the focus on the color RED. Uhmm, if you have also lived by this belief
then it’s a shock time for you because that is not the case! You’d be surprised to know that the bull
cannot see the color red and it appears to him just as another shade of gray! Like seriously? Yea people, it isn’t about the color. So what causes the aggression in the bull? It is the matador’s flag waving in a taunting
way that gets the bull’s blood boiling! Number 2. Complex organisms have more genes
It was widely believed that the more complex an organism is, the more number of genes it
has. Does that sound like a “fact” to you? Had that been true, humans would have had
about 100,000 genes, where in reality we have just 20,000! Contrastingly, some tiny moss
plants have more than 30,000! That leaves us in a state of shock but science
was wrong when it said that genes are directly proportional to the size of the organism! Number 1. Flat Earth
We all know the archaic concept of Earth’s shape that described it as a disk or plane,
accepted by majority till the 17th century. Later the evidence by Pythagoras that appeared
in 6th century BC and that of Aristotle from 330 BC were accepted and the world agreed
on a spherical model of the planet. Though we have accepted the spherical model
of Earth, there are people who still believe that Earth is flat. They even have their online societies, imagine
in the modern day! But if you aren’t among them, know that
science finally made amends after years of struggle. Rejoice! Which of these science facts seemed the most
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