【NB IoT 2017 Main Video】NB IoT, First Step to Connect the World

narrowband IOT is the first step to enter a fully connected era right now cellular networks are now serving 90% of the world's population it is estimated that the number of ciot connections will reach three billion by 2020 it's high time to extend the cellular connection to everything to enable huge potential of IOT applications and B IOT is making such a strategy to a business reality as the most desired technology in the IOT industry NB IOT posts better security deeper coverage longer battery life and higher QoS in quarter 3 2016 formal specifications for NB IOT were frozen by 3gpp standards in the end of 2015 gsm a founded the env IOT forum and today there are more than 50 members later in quarter 3 Norway released an industry-first chipset for envy IOT devices you Glocks and Quintel launched 3gpp compliant and the IOT modules for the first time into the market one way has worked together with operators and partners to develop use cases and competitive ecosystems to cover various business scenarios such as smart metering smart tracking smart parking air quality monitoring automatic cleansing machine smart streetlight smart trash bin smart logistics etc envy IOT can be flexibly deployed with existing spectrum resource by standalone God banned or in Bank mode operators can easily achieve and the IOT national wide coverage by simple upgrading existing GSM UMTS or LTE networks in addition to its end-to-end solution while Wayde works hand-in-hand with operators to set up open lamps worldwide and help operators build local ecosystems by federal actions such as partner tour currently field tests on five versified IOT applications are being conducted in 20 networks Deutsche Telekom Vodafone China Telecom and China Unicom have revealed that commercial rollout plan with commercial service available by early 2017 as predicted by one way there will be more than 30 commercial MD iot networks in 20 countries by the end of 2017 NV IOT is failing join us to embrace the great cellular IOT business opportunity to build a fully connected world

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