And before watching the video
let’s imagine everything that only 31 are now
December. And once again I did not mess up
with the release of the roller. Thanks! [Music]
What, this is the second video for 1 day? Oh my bastard, Ermung, what are you
Crazy ?! Hello serpent to all, people,
My name is Kirill! Just a few
hours, or maybe minutes depending on when
you watch it come New Year. Everyone is probably already covering
holiday table lay Christmas tree presents and gobble up
olivier with tangerines in waiting for that battle
chimes. Oozing from everywhere
festive mood wow! It’s time to let you down
results of the past year. And he turned out to be very
saturated! So much has happened
But first things first. Today I made up for
you are the top 5 most significant and interesting events in
2019 science. We will talk about black holes,
quantum technology and of course about everyone you love
Ilone Maske! Therefore we will not pull
timing and get started right away! Go. [Music]
And it’s not our top that opens scientific event, but rather
interesting hypothesis. According to which in our
the solar system can be miniature
black hole! Sounds like a headline for
another shocking reporting on all known
TV channel, I know. So what’s the hell
a business? See: scientists have long been
think about existence in the solar system so
called the Ninth Planet – an object that its
impacts gravity into the orbits of cosmic bodies,
outside Neptune. Strange behavior
last and pushed at the thought of it. The mass of the proposed planet
is 5-15 earthly, and distance from the sun from
300 to 1000 AU! But for now, the ninth planet
was not really discovered perhaps because we
not enough powerful telescopes, or
the planet is too dark. Plus, she is very
long away. And here is September 29, by the way
just recently, a study came out, which says: what if
we are looking for the wrong one! In the sense of the wrong object. Suddenly the alleged 9th
planet is it really black hole! Little truth, from
such. Not seriously! Just such a Schwarzschild radius
has a body mass of 5 earthly. If so, then we can’t
can’t find her in a simple optical telescope,
as the black hole absorbs 100% visible radiation. Now someone will have
question: “Why scientists took that it could be
BH, not just big planet not yet
have you found? And is it really so tiny
black hole is capable of changing orbits of whole dwarf
planets and asteroids? ” Well, actually yes, how else
capable of! As they say, gravity
she and gravity in Africa. And a black hole with the same
mass like the 9th planet will have a similar
gravitational impact. Also on the border of the solar
systems scientists periodically fix the effect of small
gravitational lenses. This is when some body
slightly distorts the appearance of objects, those behind him. In the case of a small lens,
object for a short time getting a little brighter
and if suddenly it will be noticeable flash of light on level
location then this may indicate about a small black hole. Primary black hole. That is, the one that has formed
in the early stages of birth the universe from the collapse of dense
plots of space. They can be different
like microscopic so very massive. However, even indirectly
confirm existence so little black
holes failed. Because it’s pretty problematic
detect an object in space, the size of a ping pong ball,
which to everything else not see for most
telescopes. And standard black holes,
formed after death stars for the role of the 9th planet
unsuitable. They are too massive. Despite this, the study
talks about possible ways detecting similar black
holes. In short, according to
some theories, primary black holes may be
surrounded by clots of dark matter whose particles
mutually destroying, give rise to gamma radiation. And if we can fix
such a gamma radiation source on the outskirts of the solar system,
where it is supposed the location of the 9th planet,
it can become significant reason for existence
mini black hole right “Under our nose.” So it will be possible for the first time
explore it practically directly. In the meantime, this is all
only in the status of hypotheses and assumptions described
in one article. Therefore, only fifth place. And we continue. [Music]
Hooray, it happened! That turning point has come
the moment when computers will be able to solve problems earlier
considered impossible and the solution of which took
would be hundreds and thousands of years! Finally it’s time for an era
“Quantum Excellence” !.. or not? In short, October 23 in the scientific
Nature magazine was published article according to which
quantum supercomputer Sycamore represented by
Google, could in 3 minutes and 20 seconds to solve the problem,
which decision itself advanced ordinary
computer Summit would have gone 10,000 years! It seems goose bumps …
But is it really so fucking as it seems at first sight? Well, not really. Here again there is a bunch of all
“But” and other assumptions. For example, the task itself was
sharpened precisely for quantum computers, and consisted
in multiple generation random single qubit
and two-qubit numerical operations that subsequently
transferred from qubits into a numeric string. Not everything is clear with optimization
data algorithms for the Summit, which means it’s not clear exactly
runtime tasks. That is, it can be
and not 10,000 years, but much less. So call it “Quantum
excellence ”in full least impossible. Yes and in practice Sycamore so far
apply will fail. Although this news is still
caused a boom in the scientific community and maybe someday
in the future humanity will create a real worker
quantum computer capable hitherto unthinkable calculations. As long as you imagine
how cool games are on they will go, we move
to third place! [Music]
And this event will especially like those who, like me, love the trilogy
the films “Jurassic Park.” True Resurrect Dinosaurs
we won’t succeed, but mammoths – quite. Well I think and hairy
elephants in the reserves will look impressive too! In general, it was like this: 11
March joint research group of russian and japanese
scientists led by the university Kindai in Japan, was able to
register biological cell activity
cores collected from the remains mammoth named “Yuka”
28,000 years old who were found in permafrost
Siberia. The mammoth cell nuclei were
transplanted into oocytes the mouse. If Che oocytes are cells
female body contributing implementation of reproduction. This method of nuclear transfer
used to obtain cloned animals. After core transfer, mouse
proteins were loaded into him and part of the cell nucleus
the mammoth began to form new core structure. See what that means ?! This phenomenon is observed.
with successful cloning animals therefore
this confirms that the ancient the sample still has
at least partially active kernels. Hitherto it was not known
can cell nuclei extracted from fossils,
preserve biological functionality. In this study, scientists
got bone marrow and muscle tissue from frozen
Yuuki’s bodies and then held detailed analysis to
find the least damaged structures like nuclei. It turned out that the mammoth
very well preserved after 28,000 years of being
in permafrost, as a result bringing DNA replication, transcription
genes and embryonic development ancient creatures may be
possible if received cell nuclei have slightly
damaged genomic DNA and good condition
safety. This marks a “significant
step to the return of mammoths from the dead, “said Kay
Miyamoto, one of the leading researchers. “As soon as we get
nuclei of cells that are in the best condition we can
expect to move forward research up to the stage
cell division. ” Personally, I will hold for
them cams and hope that soon revival
mammoths and others regarding recently extinct animals
such as the Do-Do bird, will be possible! [Music]
And silver in our top I gave what do you think to whom? That’s right, everyone beloved
and adored Ilon Mask !!! Damn, just for him and
I’m recording this video. In addition to unmanned vehicles
and reusable launches missiles this year happened
one more grandiose offspring event
Ilona. May 23 Space X launched the first
test batch of 60 satellites Star Link, each weighing
200 kg each. Well deduced and deduced that
we are not launching satellites have you seen? Only this is the first step
on the way to the realization of futuristic plan Ilona
The mask of that one global internet
about which he made a promise a long time ago. Total for implementation
project worth 10 billions of dollars required
about 12,000 satellites that in full force will
put into orbit by 2027 year. Can you imagine
in our century is going on history! Maybe our descendants
Internet at a speed of 10 gigabits per second at the grandmother
in the village will seem ordinary phenomenon. After all, he will be everywhere and
very fast. Can watch freely
vidos in 4K and not be afraid that the games will swing
for ages! But the only minus
all of this will be sooner all the high cost of such
happiness. Official prices have not yet
announced however suggest that price
will start from $ 49 in month plus 200 bucks will have
pay for the receiver. Although such grandmas judging by
everything will be only in the initial stages to make the project stupid
paid off, and later prices will go down. So good luck
The mask! I hope he has a great time
new year driving around our Cybertrake, and we move on
to the first place! [Music]
And gold in my humble subjective top gets
what would you think? Again, oddly enough, black
hole. Only this time it’s not
just some kind of hypothesis or guess. A direct proof
the existence of black holes! April 10th, scientists from the project
“Event Horizon Telescope” received and announced
world’s first real image of a black hole. Object for observation
became supermassive black hole in the M87 galaxy. Before that, we had only
mathematical models and simulations of how
look and behave black hole. And now, thanks to many
powerful radio telescopes located all over the planet
we got something like photos i you
I will show you now! I will say right away those who count
see something like gargantua from interstellar will not
so impressed. Yeah, not full, so to speak. But this is the best we have
there is now. You see, before that, scientists
took pictures of galaxies, and they, as everyone probably
known very large. Much more even the most
large black holes. Therefore, make the photo so
relatively “small” an object at a great distance,
54 million light years for a second, in good
permission does not appear yet possible, we stupidly no
such technologies. Try to take on a SLR
rover being at this on earth and you will understand
what am I talking about. In my VK group, I’m so
He mentioned this epoch-making event. It is fundamentally important
for astronomy and science in general, as in the next
times reinforces the theory relativity, because black
holes used to be just consequence of the decision of some
Einstein’s equations. So considering the importance
of this event, I decided to put his first position in
my top. Well, it’s kind of like a movie
by the end. Thanks for watching! And lastly, I want to
add a couple more words. First congratulate you
happy new year weird that I didn’t do it before. Wish you success in
the coming decades in Eventually. By the way, maybe you didn’t notice
but I got a new camera with a loop on which
I’m shooting now. A kind of gift
for the new year from myself. Therefore, in 2020, I already think
will not be so hard downtime in content like
now. And you will find a lot
interesting cognitive video! But, as usual, nothing
I promise. Like, subscribe
per channel. Links to all scientific events
from the video you will find in the description. See you next year,


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